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Probation, Parole and Juvenile Probation Officer Salaries in Washington

In Washington, both adult and juvenile probation are handled through local district courts. Although handled in individual judicial districts throughout the state, probation services provided to adults are supervised by the Washington Department of Corrections, Community Corrections Division while the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration handles probation services for juveniles.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 report, the median salary among probation and juvenile probation officers in Washington State was $51,220.

Included below are salaries for juvenile and adult probation officers as reported by the Washington State DOC:

Community Corrections Officer 1:

  • Step A: $30,240
  • Step B: $30,996
  • Step C: $31,704
  • Step D: $32,460
  • Step E: $33,228
  • Step L (Maximum): $39,312

Community Corrections Officer 2:

  • Step A: $38,328
  • Step B: $39,312
  • Step C: $40,260
  • Step D: $41,316
  • Step E: $42,264
  • Step L (Maximum): $50,304

Community Corrections Officer 3:

  • Step A: $40,260
  • Step B: $41,316
  • Step C: $42,264
  • Step D: $43,368
  • Step E: $44,448
  • Step L (Maximum): $52,872

The U.S. Department of Labor has provided the following probation, parole and juvenile probation officer salaries for cities in Washington State:

Area name Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Hourly median wage Hourly 75th percentile wage Hourly 90th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 75th percentile wage Annual 90th percentile wage
Bellingham WA6028.205866028.3532.8035.28589606821073380
Bremerton-Silverdale WA6027.965815025.7131.9834.59534706651071950
Kennewick-Pasco-Richland WA10024.315057024.4525.7025.71508605346053480
Longview WA8023.294843023.2925.7027.66484505346057540
Olympia WA19023.024788024.4525.7128.35508605347058970
Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro OR-WA67028.475922029.0632.7335.01604506808072820
Seattle-Bellevue-Everett WA Metropolitan Division51026.765567024.7828.3534.65515305896072060
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue WA74026.955606025.7029.6534.69534606168072160
Spokane WA19025.715347024.7826.9229.13515405599060600
Tacoma WA Metropolitan Division24027.365691025.7030.6034.77534606364072330
Northwestern Washington nonmetropolitan area7024.815160024.7725.7128.86515305347060030
Southwestern Washington nonmetropolitan area22024.425080024.4524.7826.99508605154056140
Central Washington nonmetropolitan area6023.214827023.7725.7128.51494505347059290
Eastern Washington nonmetropolitan area8024.955190024.7825.9528.78515405397059860

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