Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Stamford, Connecticut

Based out of the Juvenile Matters Office on Hoyt Street, Stamford juvenile probation officers divide their time between their caseloads, special programs, and building bridges with the community through involvement in local organizations. The Stamford Juvenile Probation Division promotes traditional probation activities such as compliance monitoring, along with unique programs developed in cooperation with an array of community and civic groups, all with the aim of improving the situation of the victims and perpetrators of juvenile crime.

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Education for Jobs in Stamford Juvenile Probation

The State Judicial Branch, the hiring agency for juvenile probation officers, prefers all applicants for these positions to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject field. Preference can be shown for candidates with a field of study related to juvenile probation, such as:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

The Judicial Branch may be more selective in its degree requirements when hiring for one of the specialized probation positions within the department that targets specific at-risk youths. These positions may require:

  • Bachelor’s degree in:
    • Pedagogy
    • Early Childhood Development
  • Master’s degree
  • Post-graduate study

Application and Training

Juvenile probation officer jobs for Stamford are posted on the Judicial Branch’s employment vacancy website where candidates will find the instructions for application completion and submission included in the job announcement. After navigating the application process that includes an interview, background check, and psychological/medical examination, candidates who are selected for hire will face a daunting training program.

In Stamford, training for careers in juvenile probation involves a thorough program consisting of 440 hours of classroom and field instruction spread out over the course of 11 weeks. New recruits will learn how to become juvenile probation officers who represent the Stamford Office of the Judicial Branch’s Juvenile Probation Division with dignity and pride. After their first year on the job, officers need to complete an additional 40 hours of continuing training each year. Instruction is provided in the areas of:

  • Juvenile justice system
  • Stamford City laws and codes
  • Juvenile risk assessments and intake interviews
  • Preparation of court reports based on research and interviews
  • Juvenile probation theory and practice

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Community Involvement in Stamford

At a recent barbeque event, Pork in the Park, two diversionary sentence programs – the Juvenile Review Board and Pathways to Academic and Social Success – participated in a collaborative effort with the Mayor’s Youth Services Bureau to raise money for their teen programs, which can serve as an alternate sentence to juvenile detention. While spending the day at the Mill River Park, juvenile probation officers not only raised awareness about the success rates of these diversionary justice programs, they also had the opportunity to enjoy some hotdogs.

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