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What We Offer

Supervised rehabilitation efforts have proven to be some of the most effective and cost-efficient long-term solutions to the revolving door of America’s criminal justice system. As state and federal judiciaries look at ways to reduce recidivism, address prison overcrowding and trim budgets, probation and parole services for adult and juvenile offenders have come to the forefront of the discussion.

ProbtionOfficerEDU.org was created as a resource for the thousands of men and women who will be filling these important positions in the coming years. ProbationOfficerEDU.org provides information on the degree requirements, application process, training procedures and salary expectations for probation and parole officers in hundreds of judicial districts and community corrections divisions across the United States.

Visitors are welcome to use this free resource to learn about the probation and parole services in their own area, and to find out what it takes to begin a career in supervised community corrections.