Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Hawaii County

The rate of violent juvenile crime in Hawaii County in 2010 was 24% lower than in the state of Hawaii overall.  Over 1,100 juveniles were arrested in the county in 2008, however.

Juvenile probation officers in the county were in charge of 54 new clients in 2008. In the decade leading up to 2008, there was a decrease of over 23% in the number of juvenile males placed on probation in Hawaii County.

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Becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer in Hawaii County

The juvenile probation officers in Hawaii County are employed with the Family Court of the Third Circuit Court, which is located in Hilo.  These officers specialize in assessing the risks posed by juvenile offenders, along with their need for specialized services such as drug abuse or mental health treatment.  Juvenile probation officers also oversee the youths who have been placed in their care for the duration of their probation.

The requirements for juvenile probation officer jobs include having work experience and a bachelor’s degree.  Although there is no area of study specified by the Third Circuit Court, degrees in criminal justice or behavioral science areas such as social work or psychology are frequently considered to provide the best education for candidates seeking jobs as juvenile probation officers.

Supervisors conduct the training of new employees, teaching them how to become juvenile probation officers.

The Status of Juvenile Offenders in Hawaii County

The number of juveniles arrested in Hawaii County dropped significantly from 2000 to 2008.  The 1,131 juveniles arrested in Hawaii County during 2008 represent a 23% decrease from the number arrested in 2000.

Of the juveniles arrested in 2008, 40% were female.  Most of the youths arrested were 15 to 17 years of age.  They accounted for over 70% of the arrests.

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Most of the arrests were made for status offenses such as truancy.  The second highest number of arrests was made for property crimes.  Only seven juveniles were arrested for sex crimes in Hawaii County in 2008.

Of the individual juveniles placed on new probation in 2008, 59% were males.  The number of new female juvenile probationers rose in the decade leading up to 2008.  In 1999, only nine juvenile females were placed on new probation as compared to 22 in 2008.  That almost doubled the percentage of juveniles placed on new probation who were females.