Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Washington County, Arkansas

In recent years, the average number of youths sentenced to serve time in Arkansas’ Division of Youth Services facilities was 503 individuals annually. However last year the level increased by over three percent, highlighting the importance of juvenile probation officers in Washington County. These officers deal with juvenile delinquents in all stages of their experience in the juvenile justice system, from conducting pre-trial reports to making recommendations for the court and monitoring offender compliance with their terms of probation.

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Known locally as Juvenile Officers, Washington County takes special consideration when selecting and training these public service professionals who work with vulnerable youth.

Meeting the Education and Experience Requirements for Washington County

Because juvenile probation officers work closely with youths needing serious attention and intervention they must come from a background that qualifies them to have the knowledge and skills needed for dealing with this vulnerable segment of the population. Candidates submitting applications for juvenile probation officer jobs in Washington County, Arkansas will need to meet one of the following conditions:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to juvenile probations:
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Criminal justice
    • Social work
  • Four years of full-time work experience in the field of juvenile probation or a closely related area:
    • Juvenile residential communities
    • Juvenile detention
    • Group homes
    • Juvenile leadership associations

Juvenile Probation Officer Training

Washington County also takes the training of its juvenile officers very seriously, requiring new-hires to spend 40 hours at the Arkansas Administration Office of the Courts (AOC) Training Academy where officers will learn how to become ready and able in their new careers as juvenile probation officers in Washington County. Over the week-long course training will be provided in the fundamental areas of juvenile probation, including topics such as:

  • Restraint techniques and arrest procedures
  • Intake interviews and psychological/risk assessments
  • Interview techniques and report writing/composition
  • Emergency procedures, first aid, and CPR
  • Signs of substance abuse and random drug testing

To stay up to date on necessary certifications, officers will need to attend 12 hours of annual training after their first year of employment.

Making an Application in Washington County

Available jobs and careers are advertised on the Washington County Human Resources employment postings webpage. Candidate may only apply to advertised positions, a process that can be completed online by following the instructions provided in the job announcement, or through the submission of a paper application by mail or fax to the HR office located on North College Street in Fayetteville.

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The county’s juvenile detention center is also located in Fayetteville, and in addition to this city officers operate throughout the rest Washington County, in Springdale and any other locality in the area requiring the services of a trained and capable juvenile probation officer.

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