Probation and Parole Officer Career in Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown, Delaware, probation and parole officer services are provided by the Sussex Community Corrections Center (SCCC). In addition to the City of Georgetown, the SCCC includes the Sussex Violation Probation Center, the Sussex Work Release Center, and the following cities/towns in Sussex County:

• Bethany Beach
• Frankford
• Bridgeville
• Greenwood
• Delmar
• Laurel
• Dewey Beach
• Lewes
• Fenwick Island
• Millsboro

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Probation and parole officers in Delaware are responsible for supervising about 16,000 individuals each year in 7 office locations.

Probation and parole offices include the Georgetown Probation and Parole office, which supervises offenders in Probation Levels I (administrative supervision for low-risk offenders), II (standard probation and parole supervision), and III (intensive supervision), and the Georgetown Day Reporting Center, which supervises offenders in Probation Level IV (electronic monitoring/house arrest).

Reentry Services in Sussex County

Sussex County, through the Delaware Superior Court Reentry Initiative, has recently implemented a reentry service initiative for domestic violence offenders. The services are supervised by the Sussex County Deputy Attorney General, who recommends offenders of domestic violence crimes to participate in the reentry court.

The Deputy Attorney General also develops the program requirements and assigns probation officers with specialized domestic violence training to serve as case managers. The program is designed specifically for offenders of domestic violence who are at risk for re-offending.

Minimum Education Requirements for Probation and Parole Officer Careers in Sussex County

Individuals interested in pursuing probation and parole officer jobs in Georgetown and greater Sussex County must first ensure they possess a valid driver’s license and a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Further, individuals must be able to pass a criminal background check, a pre-employment drug test, and a written exam, which consists of 100 questions focused on reading comprehension, probation and parole officer duties, and written communications.

Sussex County Probation or Parole Officer Training

Candidates for probation and parole careers in Georgetown and throughout Sussex County must be prepared to successfully complete the training component, which features 9 weeks of instruction upon being hired. Program topics, which include both classroom training and hands-on training, include the following:

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  • Weapons Training
  • Offender Assessment
  • Legal Issues
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Search and Seizure Law

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