Probation and Parole Officer Career in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho, is part of District 7 Probation and Parole within the Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC), which serves the central portion of Idaho, including the counties of:

• Bingham
• Fremont
• Bonneville
• Jefferson
• Butte
• Lemhi
• Clark
• Madison
• Custer
• Teton

The main office for District 7 is located in Idaho Falls. As of March 2013, District 7 supervised 1,412 offenders, 1,140 of whom were under probation and 272 of whom were under parole.

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There are about 16,500 offenders under active community supervision in the State of Idaho at any given time, and 1,550 employees within the Bureau of Probation and Parole who work through the Bureau’s 10 prisons, 7 district offices, 4 community work centers, and 20 satellite offices.

Eligibility for Probation and Parole Officer Jobs in Idaho Falls

All probation and parole officers in Idaho are certified peace officers, so all job candidates will be expected to complete a written exam and a physical fitness evaluation prior to being hired by the Bureau of Probation and Parole.

The written exam score, which also includes an evaluation of the candidate’s education and work experience, must be at least 67 percent, while the physical fitness exam consists of a 300-meter run, a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Further, candidates interested in learning how to become probation and parole officers in Idaho Falls must possess a valid driver’s license, be willing to undergo a thorough background investigation and pre-employment drug test, and have knowledge in the behavioral sciences; criminal justice; computer operations; writing detailed reports; and identifying social or human sciences resources.

Individuals are ineligible for Idaho Falls probation and parole officer jobs if they:

  • Are currently under community supervision (must be released from IDOC for at least one year to qualify)
  • Are using or dealing illegal drugs
  • Were discharged dishonorably from the military
  • Have been convicted of domestic violence or other violent crimes

How to Become a Probation or Parole Officer in Idaho Falls through Training

Specific training requirements must be met to achieve probation and parole officer jobs in Idaho Falls. Specialized training is completed through the Felony Probation and Parole Academy at the Peace officer Standards and Training Facility. Upon the successful completion of Academy training, individuals become POST-certified peace officers in the State of Idaho.

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Training programs in the Academy include: policy reviews, arrest techniques, safety protocols, and firearms.

Idaho Falls Community Work Center

The Bureau of Education, Treatment, and Reentry operates a number of community work centers throughout the state, including:

  • Idaho Falls Community Work Center
  • East Boise Community Work Center
  • South Idaho Correctional Institution Work Center
  • Nampa Community Work Center

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