Probation and Parole Officer Careers in North Dakota

As of April 2013, there are 68 sworn parole and probation officers working in North Dakota, supervising 4586 persons on probation and 431 on parole.

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Probation and parole officer careers in North Dakota differ from those of other states. Parole and probation officers in North Dakota are sworn law enforcement officers with arrest authority who must carry firearms at all times while on the job. The types of parole and probation officer jobs in North Dakota include parole specialist, sex offender specialist, re-entry officer, female transition officer, and drug court officer.

Educational Qualifications for Parole and Probation Officer Jobs in North Dakota

Prospective parole and probation officers in North Dakota must have a bachelor’s degree in a field of human behavior. In order to become a parole and probation officer in North Dakota by qualifying for formal Academy training, applicants will become licensed as peace officers in the state. This means that applicants for parole and probation careers in North Dakota must pass a thorough background investigation, including psychological and physical assessments.

Filing an Application for Parole and Probation Officer Jobs in North Dakota

For those meeting the above-mentioned requirements, the next step is to complete a North Dakota State Application for Employment. Applicants must list all educational and employment history, including reasons for leaving prior positions. Include with the application a letter of interest, resume and college transcripts, along with anything else specified in the job posting.

All of the above must be submitted to Human Resource Officer, P.O. Box 1898,Bismarck, ND 58502-1898. Those who meet the qualifications for parole and probation officer careers in North Dakota may be contacted for an interview so as to take the next steps toward filling available parole and probation officer jobs.

Training for Parole and Probation Officers in North Dakota

Those who succeed in the application process and are tapped for parole and probation officer positions must first complete the North Dakota Law Enforcement Basic Training Course. The North Dakota Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) board sets standards for this training.

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This training usually takes 12 weeks (440 hours) to complete, and will include instruction in weaponry and basic law enforcement. Correctional Officer certification courses will take 120 hours to complete upon returning to Corrections, new Parole and Probation Officers in North Dakota may receive up to 80 hours of on-the-job training and orientation.

Continuing Education Required of Parole and Probation Officers in North Dakota

After being employed as a Parole and Probation Officer in North Dakota for one year, employees must re-qualify in order to maintain firearms licensure.

Once licensed as a Peace Officer under North Dakota POST rules, probation and parole officers must complete 60 hours of approved education every three years in order to maintain that license.

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