Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Juveniles on probation fall under the jurisdiction of the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau, which is a department under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.  Each year, the TCJB handles more than 4,000 juvenile cases, which include interactions with offenders, legal professionals and families. The youths that enter probation have a high rate of success; almost 90 percent of juvenile probationers in Tulsa County do not commit another offense.

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Successful Juvenile Programs in Tulsa County

The Phoenix Rising program is an alternative to detention that places juvenile delinquents in an educational day program.  Established through a partnership with the TCJB and the Tulsa Public Schools system, Phoenix Rising allows youths with impulse control or emotional issues more naturally act throughout their school day. The Phoenix Rising program emphasizes freedom of expression while still encouraging youths to succeed academically. The program has been a resounding success with all students involved in the program advancing to the next grade level. Since its inception in 2008, 121 juveniles have participated in the program, under the care of two teachers and three social workers.

Another successful program has been the Tulsa Youth Intervention Program, which targets students who are presently or may become involved in gangs. This educational program reaches out to middle and high school students through seminars on life skills, anti-gang education, and emotional management.  The program also provides information to families on reducing gang involvement and addresses community groups on how to reduce gang activity.

The Youth Court is a program for youths in grades 9 through 12 to participate in a legal proceeding that involves juvenile delinquents.  In order to participate in the program, volunteers must attend training and pass a mock bar exam.  Offenders must be facing misdemeanor charges and the verdict may result in community service, restitution, substance abuse treatment, counseling, curfew or apology to victims.  Some offenders may be referred to the Juvenile Bureau District Court.

Qualifications to Become a Juvenile Probation Officer in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Juvenile probation officer jobs in Tulsa County, Oklahoma begin require a minimum education of a bachelor’s degree in any field.  Candidates interested in learning how to become juvenile probation officers in Tulsa County should also possess the following qualifications:

  • Have a valid OK driver’s license
  • Be willing and able to travel
  • Be willing to be on call 24 hours a day
  • One year of experience in community supervision, social work or corrections

Higher tier and supervisor positions require at least two years of experience in juvenile probation and/or parole.  A master’s degree may be used to satisfy the requirement in some cases.

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New juvenile probation officers are required to obtain the following training prior to field service:

  • 40 hours of training from the training academy
  • 40 hours of orientation classes
  • 16 hours of Youth Level of Service certification classes

Following the first year, juvenile probation officers must complete 40 hours in approved in-service courses.

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