Probation Officer Career in Richmond, Virginia

Probation officers in Richmond are vital to the health of the city’s community. Officers act as a buffer between an offender and the rest of society, helping the probationer live a life free from crime, and protecting the law-abiding citizens by reporting the offender for arrest when he or she breaks the terms of probation.

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The primary goal of a Richmond probation officer is to protect and preserve the public safety, followed by the goal of rehabilitating probationers. As of May 2012 there were 520 people employed in the probation field in Richmond, making an average annual salary of $42,600.

The headquarters of the Community Corrections Division is located in Richmond, giving probation officers convenient access to both the operative as well as the administrative portions of their jobs. The Richmond Parole and Probation Headquarters is located in the first district of the Community Corrections Division’s Central Region.

Preparing for a Probation Officer Career with the Right Education and Experience

The Division of Community Corrections, the department in charge of Virginia’s probation and parole program, prefers that candidates interested in becoming probation officers have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, human services or related fields such as psychology and social work. Candidates are also preferred who have:

  • Experience and training working with clients in a criminal justice setting
  • Awareness of Virginia Code sections dealing specifically with felony probation and supervision
  • Knowledge of Evidence Based Practices

Candidates for probation officer jobs in Richmond must also have experience and competence in the following areas:

  • Compiling information to make and present a professional report
  • Knowledge and experience of treatment and counseling techniques for clients from a human services or criminal justice setting
  • Experience working with a diverse mix of coworkers and clients
  • Prior experience of case management and supervision
  • Ability to document case activity and update files

After a successful interview candidates will need to pass a background check and drug screening before being eligible for a career as a Richmond probation officer. Applications can be completed online by creating a profile on the State’s application website. Once the profile has been completed candidates will be directed to a Virginia State employment application. Probation officer job listings can also be found online.

Probation Officer Training in Richmond, Virginia

A candidate who is selected to begin a career as a probation officer in Richmond will need to complete 160 hours of training at the Academy for Staff Development (ASD) or the ASD-West. This will include:

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  • Self-defense
  • CPR and first aid
  • Virginia State Statutes
  • Criminal justice system
  • Community resources and referral
  • Intake interviews and assessments

Following the first year on the job, probation officers must complete a yearly total of 40 hours of in-service training annually.

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