Ohio Probation Officer Earns State Honor

A probation and drug court officer in Marion County, Ohio has been recognized for his work in the field of adult probation. Nate George was awarded the George W. Farmer Line Officer of the Year Award given annually by Ohio’s Chief Probation Officers Association.

George expressed tremendous appreciation and humility in receiving the award and stated that it represented a positive reflection on the department.

In his work throughout his career as an adult probation and drug court officer, George has been integral in developing and implementing the drug office’s policies and procedures. This was particularly true during the 2013 calendar year when he worked closely with Judge Jim Slagle of the Marion County Common Pleas Drug Court.

There are dozens supervised by the drug court and the court itself serves as an alternative approach to the county’s rising rate of drug addiction. A court docket specifically addressing the issue of drug addiction in Marion County was launched in 2013.

George is also recognized for his participation in what was formerly known as the opiate task force, now called the STAND coalition.

Supervising officers at the adult probation department have commended George for his efforts within the department saying that he has been extremely proactive in working with the Ohio Supreme Court to implement the necessary policies for the drug court.

The George W. Farmer Line Officer of the Year Award is given to those probation officers who exhibit a high level of proficiency and leadership in performing their duties as officers of the state court and who make significant, tangible contributions to the probation field at local, state, and federal levels.

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It was reported that George will also be nominated for the Scotia Knouf National Line Officer of the Year Award which is presented annually by the American Probation and Parole Association.