Rabago Sworn in as Chief Probation Officer in Santa Barbara County

Guadalupe Rabago was sworn in as Santa Barbara County’s Chief Probation Officer on January 20, 2015. The announcement was made by Judge James Herman following former Chief Beverly Taylor’s retirement on January 8th, 2015.

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Chief Rabago’s career as a Probation Officer began in San Diego in 1999 when he was appointed Correctional Deputy Probation Officer. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Supervising Probation Officer and over the course of the last ten years, has deftly handled a wide range of probation work.

Rabago has been a member of many important programs like the Juvenile Reflections Program, Students taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) program, Juvenile Breaking Cycles Program, the Evening Learning Center and also forged a partnership with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations. He was instrumental in introducing the SB618, which in many ways in the precursor to the AB109 program, a program that has been be hugely successful.

A graduate of University of California, Rabago is originally from Northern California. He has a BA in Political Science, an MA degree in Public Administration and has also completed a number of probation related training. In recognition of his work, he was awarded the Deputy Probation Officer of the Year award in 2005, an award presented by the California, Probational, Parole and Correctional Officers Association.

Chief Rabago is considered to be ‘forward thinking’ and is well versed in legislation with regard to probation and corrections. He is also known to have an extensive professional network and brings a visionary approach to his job. He is a regular on social media and is keen on promoting community correction related programs. He also currently maintains the Probation Events Dashboard, a newsletter that focusses on officer safety awareness and other related news.

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Rabago will soon be relocating to Santa Barbara County with his family and has vowed to continue on with the innovative work that has catapulted him to such a great level of success in the Probation Officer community.

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