Singer Chris Brown is Off Probation in California

R&B singer Chris Brown kept his probation officer busy over the five-year period following his 2009 assault of the singer Rihanna the night before the Grammys that made him an industry pariah. He severely injured her by physically beating her after a late-night argument during which she threw the keys to his Lamborghini out of the window.

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Despite Rihanna’s lack of cooperation with the authorities, the police were able to charge Brown for the crime because she had identified him as her assailant. After his trial, the judge sentenced Brown to five years of probation. He also ordered Brown to complete 1,000 hours of community service by February 1, 2015, but Billboard said that he was 200 hours behind.

Brown seemed to have a knack for trouble including being present at the scene of two shootings including the high-profile August shooting involving hip-hop mogul Suge Knight at a club where Brown was performing. Even before this, Brown’s history of violent incidents concerned his probation officer. In addition to altercations with two performers, Brown was involved in a hit-and-run. In December, probation officials ordered him to remain in Los Angeles County.

He was in the news again when he violated the conditions of his parole by traveling to San Jose in northern California to perform in concert without getting permission from his probation officer. The singer faced jail time or having his probation extended depending on his probation officer’s assessment of him.

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Fortunately for Brown, his probation officer exonerated him in the end and said that he had fulfilled all of his obligations. His excuse for going to San Jose satisfied the authorities, and his judge officially removed him from probation on March 20, 2015.

While Brown’s career has suffered badly as a result of his actions, his remaining fan base was happy to hear that he is now free.

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