Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Alabama

There are currently 348 certified juvenile probation officers in Alabama, 229 of whom work through the Alabama Unified Judicial System and 119 of whom work as judicial employees through Madison, Morgan, Jefferson, Shelby, and Montgomery Counties.

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The Alabama Juvenile Services program is overseen by the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts, which is responsible for developing, implementing and administrating all of the services provided by the juvenile courts and juvenile divisions of family courts throughout the state.

The Juvenile Services program was created in 2000 in response to a mandate set forth by the Alabama Legislature, which stated that juvenile probation officers are an integral part of the juvenile justice system.

Minimum Certification Standards for Alabama Juvenile Probation Officer
Careers in Alabama

Individuals interested in pursuing juvenile probation officer careers in Alabama must first ensure they meet the minimum employment standards set forth by the Administrative Director of Courts. All individuals must meet the following standards to be considered for certification and to go on to become juvenile probation officers in Alabama:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • No felony convictions

Applying for Alabama Juvenile Probation Officer Job Certification

Individuals applying for Alabama juvenile probation officer certification must complete an Application for Juvenile Probation Officer Certification form and attach the following documents to the application:

  • Copy of all certified academic diplomas showing proof of the required bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of a valid Alabama driver’s license
  • Release to conduct a criminal background investigation form or the equivalent if applying through Jefferson, Montgomery, Shelby, or Madison counties

Becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer in Alabama through Training

Upon initial provisional certification, all new juvenile probation officers (except those who previously worked as a juvenile probation officer) in Alabama must complete all entrance training requirements within 12 months to be eligible for a full certification.

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Training requirements for Alabama juvenile probation officer jobs include about 30 hours of both field and classroom training, as prescribed by the Administrative Director of Courts.

Thereafter, all juvenile probation officers in Alabama must complete a minimum of 12 continuing education hours approved by the Administrative Office of Courts on an annual basis. Continuing education requirements must include at least one hour of training in ethics or professionalism.

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