Probation and Parole Officer Career in Huntsville, Alabama

Working as a probation and parole officer in Huntsville will provide a civil service to the city and the rest of the state. Probation and parole officers monitor parolees released early from their prison sentences and probationers sentenced to certain terms in addition to or instead of incarceration. Officers help offenders realize how to become responsible citizens of Huntsville while at the same time protecting the public order and safety by holding them to account to their probation and parole conditions. The cost per offender in Alabama to be placed on probation and parole is $1.58 per day, while incarceration totals $43.26 per day.

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Required Education

A career in probation and parole in Huntsville requires the applicant to possess at least a bachelor’s degree. This can be in any field, from social work to psychology to criminal justice. The State of Alabama also requires the degree to be from an accredited university or college.

Additional Requirements

Candidates for probation and parole officer jobs must also have a valid driver’s license, have committed no felony crimes or misdemeanors involving moral turpitude, and be legally able to work in the United States. The application process demands that candidates be able to complete and pass:

  • Written examination: This is a multiple choice test that evaluates the candidate on his or her basic knowledge
  • Physical ability exam: Candidates must pass this test before being invited for an official interview. Areas tested are:
    • Obstacle course completed in 90 seconds, to include jumping, running, lifting, climbing, and dragging
    • 25 sit-ups in one minute
    • 22 push-ups in one minute
    • 1.5-mile run in 15 minutes and 28 seconds
  • Background check in the areas of criminal history, driving, and employment
  • Drug urinalysis test


Once Huntsville probation and parole officers are hired into their new career, they will need to complete a 12-week training academy that includes classroom instruction and field training in relevant areas including:

  • Alabama criminal justice system
  • CPR and first aid
  • Client intake interview and psychological assessment
  • Community resource awareness and referral, including
    • Vocational education services
    • Mental health counseling
    • Drug and alcohol treatment
    • Housing, food, and utilities assistance

After graduating from the training academy, officers will begin a two-week in-service training program. After their first year of employment, Huntsville probation and parole officers will need to complete an annual continuing training and education program of at least 12 hours.

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How to Apply

Applications for probation and parole officer jobs are accepted year round at the Alabama State Personnel Office in Montgomery. Candidates are required to fill out an application for examination as the first step. This is an application for the written exam mentioned above, and is a simple four-page document that asks for basic education, employment, and personal history information. If the application is filled out properly and is competitive, the candidate will hear back from the personnel office about a time and place to sit for the examination.

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