Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Alaska

There are 16 field probation offices located in four regions throughout Alaska that administer juvenile justice services through the Department of Juvenile Justice. Juvenile probation officers in Alaska are only assigned caseloads of juvenile offenders.

The Division of Juvenile Justice, within Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services, administers all juvenile services in the state, which include community diversion, probation supervision, corrections continuum, aftercare/reentry, commitment and release, and delinquency intake.

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Education and Training Requirements for Juvenile Probation Officers in Alaska

Individuals interested in pursuing Alaska juvenile probation officer jobs must possess a either a bachelor’s degree or several years of experience in youth-related or justice work.

Alaska does not certify those looking to become juvenile probation officers; however, all new officers must complete a pre-service orientation and a period of supervision.

All juvenile probation officers in Alaska must complete at least 40 hours of training on an annual basis throughout their careers.

Alaska’s Division of Juvenile Justice

The Division of Juvenile Justice operates 8 detention facilities for juveniles, four of which also serve as correctional facilities. Juvenile probation officers in Alaska provide diversion services for juveniles who are first-time offenders or those who have committed minor offenses. Some of the diversion services offered include restitution, dispute resolution services, community service, community courts, youth courts, circle peacemaking, and victim/offender mediation.

Many probation officers in Alaska work through the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI), which assists them when making aftercare, reentry, probation and intake decisions.

Detention facilities in Alaska include:

  • Nome Youth Facility
  • McLaughlin Youth Center
  • Mat-Su Youth Facility
  • Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility
  • Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility
  • Johnson Youth Center
  • Fairbanks Youth Facility
  • Bethel Youth Facility
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Probation services in Alaska are carried out through four regions, according to demographics and geographical makeup:

  • Anchorage Region (covers the entire Anchorage metropolitan area)
  • South Central Region (covers west to east, from the Aleutians to Prince William Sound)
  • Northern Region (covers Fairbanks the majority of rural Alaska)
  • Southeast Region (covers the state’s Southeast panhandle)

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