Probation and Parole Officer Career in Juneau, Alaska

Probation officers in Juneau will find themselves working in the second largest city in the United States as measured by area. Tens of thousands of people also call the city their home. Probation and parole officers work to protect public safety in Juneau and help offenders learn how to become productive members of the community.

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Between 1970 and 1980 the population of the city grew by 222 percent to around 19.5 thousand people, and since then has continued increasing, albeit at a much lower rate, to 31,275 residents at the time of the most recent 2010 census.

The recent starting yearly salary for an entry-level probation officer in Juneau was $38,639.

Education and Training for a Probation and Parole Officer Career in Juneau

The State of Alaska requires its probation and Parole officers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject area, the most common of which are psychology, criminal justice, and social work. However there are also two substitution options for this education requirement. Candidates may also possess either:

  • Four years of work experience in the fields of probation and parole, criminal or juvenile justice, law enforcement and criminal investigations, or a related field
  • Higher education and work experience in the above fields, with three semester and four quarter hours of college credit equaling one month of work experience.

Probation and parole officers just beginning a career in Juneau will attend the Basic Probation Officer Academy for six weeks, and upon graduation become certified as an Alaska probation officer. During their six weeks of training, new hires will receive instruction in all the necessary areas to make them competent and capable officers ready to serve the public while monitoring and assisting probationers and parolees.

After the first year on the job, Juneau’s probation and parole officers will need to obtain 40 hours of continuing education each year. Firearms re-certification is required every six months.

Application Process

The application process for probation and parole officer jobs in Juneau is designed to select only the most qualified individuals. Prior to an interview, candidates will undergo a check of their criminal history. After a conditional offer of employment has been made, candidates will need to successfully make it through a background check, medical exam, and a written and oral psychological screening. To top everything off, new recruits will have to graduate from the training academy, which includes a segment where officers experience being pepper sprayed.

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To start this process rolling, candidates need to first wait for a vacancy in Juneau and then fill out an application. Available jobs are posted on the Alaska’s employment website, which recommends candidates create an account and apply for probation and parole officer positions online.

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