Probation Officer Career in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Probation services in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are established and organized by the Colorado’s Judicial Branch. The Judicial Branch, which is comprised of 22 judicial courts, includes 23 probation departments throughout the state, including the El Paso County Probation Department (Fourth Judicial District), in which Colorado Springs is located.

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The Fourth Judicial District, in FY2012, was involved in 840 presentence investigations, 186 sex offender investigations, 120 intake evaluations, and 4,096 total investigations. In all, Colorado probation officers completed 35,204 investigations in FY2012.

Education Requirements for Probation Officer in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Individuals with interest in learning how to become a probation officer in Colorado Springs must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the following programs (or a related program): social work, sociology, psychology, or criminal justice.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Colorado Springs through Training

All new probation officers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, must attend the Probation Academy, which consists of 75 hours of coursework covering the Colorado court and criminal justice system and handling a caseload of offenders. Other initial training courses include a basic safety course, an officer field safety course, and mandatory, new employee training.

Subsequent years include more probation academies or equivalent coursework. All probation officers must continue to receive acceptable performance scores to continue their employment. After 6 years, probation officers in Colorado Springs must carry a caseload of at least 50 percent maximum-level supervision cases and be capable of managing a full workload, as established by the Division of Probation Services.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – CO Probation Officer Jobs: Probation Programs in Colorado Springs and El Paso County

Probation officer careers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, may involve working in one or more specialized units, including:

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  • RESTORE Program (Pikes Peak Workforce Center) – The RESTORE Program works with the Fourth Judicial District Probation Department to employ a re-entry employment advocate program, which is designed to assist offenders secure employment.
  • Victim Notification Program – The Victim Notification Program is designed to provide assistance to victims throughout the probation supervision of the offender. It is based on the concept that all victims have a right to be heard and informed throughout the criminal justice process.

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