Probation Officer Career in Fort Collins, Colorado

The 8th Judicial District Probation Department includes Larimer County, in which Fort Collins is located. Within the 8th Judicial District are four probation department offices in the following areas: Fort Collins (two offices) and Loveland (two offices).

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In FY2012, there were 2,796 probation investigations in the 8th Judicial District Probation Department, 53 of which were sex offender investigations, 566 of which were pre-sentence investigations, and 229 of which were administrative investigations.

Education and Training Requirements for Fort Collins, Colorado

Probation officer careers in Fort Collins, Colorado, demand a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields (or a related field): criminology, social work, sociology, or psychology.

Individuals who want to learn how to become a probation officer in Fort Collins must also consider the training component of this job, which includes initial training via a basic safety course, an officer field safety course, and mandatory new employee training.

All new probation officers must complete training through the Probation Academy and must complete a number of post-training exams—achieving a minimum score of 75 percent on them—in subsequent years (years 2, 3 and 4). By year 6, all probation officers in Fort Collins must be able to work a full caseload of medium- to high-risk offenders.

Probation Officer Career in Fort Collins, Colorado: Probation Programs

There are a number of probation programs in Fort Collins, which are designed to provide specialized services to offenders in specific circumstances or those with specific needs:

  • Pre-sentence investigations – Probation officers assigned to pre-sentence investigations are called upon to conduct pre-sentence investigations and write formal reports for the court.
  • Specialized supervision – Specialized supervision is designed for high-risk felony offenders.  Specialized supervision often includes: Adult Intensive Supervision, Sex Offender Intensive Supervision, and the Female Offender Program.
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  • Alcohol and drug Driving Safety (ADDS) – Probation officers through the ADDS program conduct pre- and post-sentence evaluations and monitor the offender’s compliance with the mandated treatment.
  • Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts – Some probation officers are tasked with providing case supervision and management for offenders in the adult or juvenile drug court through the District Court.
  • Victim Assistance Coordination – Victims receive assistance through probation officers who serve as Victim Assistance Coordinators. These officers provide offenders with notification regarding significant events in the offender’s period of probation.

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