Probation and Parole Officer Careers in Kentucky

By a recent count in Kentucky there were 429 probation and parole officers supervising 38,754 parolees and probationers, who were responsible for completing over 19,000 pre-sentence investigations.

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Nationally, over the next decade probation and parole officer jobs are projected to grow by 18 percent, and the salary for an entry-level probation and parole officer in Kentucky starts at $2,427.44 per month.

Education Requirements

Probation and parole officer (PPOs) jobs in Kentucky require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree from any accredited university, college, or education institution. This includes psychology, criminal justice, social work, or any other field.

Training and Experience Requirements

There are no prior experience requirements for PPO jobs and careers. All training will be provided, beginning with an orientation for new employees and computer-based training. Following this is a week of training dedicated to the Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LSCMI), an assessment test given to offenders designed to measure their level of needed attention, and risks posed by and to each offender. A final week will be devoted to firearms training and qualification. Finally PPOs will need to complete a 16-hour course in-service training focusing on professional development.

How to Become a PPO: Applying

Before filling out an application, candidates interested in learning how to become probation and parole officers in Kentucky should first confirm they meet the minimum requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 21 years old
  • Able to pass a drug screening and background check
  • Physical ability to perform job duties

Applications are submitted online and require the applicant to have internet access and an email address. Applications are only accepted when there is a current opening for PPOs. Candidates will need to access the Kentucky State Personnel Cabinet’s website, create an online profile, and search for an opening for Probation and Parole Officer I for entry level jobs.

Applicants will hear back from the human resources department as to whether or not their application has been successful, and if so receive further instructions about an interview date and other details regarding the application process.

PPO Duties

Successful applicants who make it through the training and other evaluations, and who are then hired as PPOs, will be responsible for carrying out these job duties:

  • Formulate a plan with the offender for supervision
  • Prepare documents as ordered by the court and parole board
  • Act as a liaison between the offender and enforcement officials
  • Testify in court
  • Maintain and prepare reports and records on offenders
  • Provide supervision and counsel for offenders
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The court may order special restrictions or conditions for offenders that PPOs must monitor, including:

  • Attendance of drug treatment programs
  • Paying child support or restitution
  • Curfews
  • Mandated job searches
  • Additional requirements for sex offenders:
    • Registration
    • Treatment
    • Certain proximity requirements

During the first six months to a year, newly hired PPOs will be on probation. An officer’s first year will also demand more time for training and education courses, after which time there will be a lesser requirement for continuing education.

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