Probation and Parole Officer Career in Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport, as a city in Harrison County, is part of Region 3 within the Mississippi Department of Correction’s (MDOC) Community Corrections Division. In 2010, Region 3 handled 3,110 probation cases and 2,308 parole cases.

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Region 3 had 94 field officers (probation and parole officers) and a total caseload of 12,575 in 2010, the largest of all three MDOC regions. The total caseload in Region 3, in addition to probation and parole, includes the following services/divisions:

  • Compact probation: 637 cases
  • Compact parole: 221 cases
  • Drug court: 718 cases
  • Suspension: 2 cases
  • Earned release supervision: 619 cases
  • Medical release: 14 cases
  • Non-adjudicated cases: 1,329 cases
  • Diversion program: 237 cases
  • Post-release supervision: 2,774 cases
  • ISP-court sentenced: 473 cases

Probation and Parole Officer Careers in Gulfport, Mississippi: Education Requirements

Individuals seeking probation and parole officer jobs in Gulfport, Mississippi must meet minimum education requirements as set forth by the MDOC. Individuals may meet the requirements to become a probation officer in Gulfport in one of two ways:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology, criminal justice, psychology, social work, or a related field, and at least one year of experience in one of these fields; OR
  • A high school diploma or GED and at least five years of experience in criminal justice, social work, sociology, psychology, or a related field

How to Become a Probation or Parole Officer in Gulfport through Training

All probation and parole officers in Gulfport must complete training through the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Program, which is a ten-week program designed for all new sworn officers at the municipal, county, and state level. Students in the Law Enforcement Officers Training Program must take nine weekly tests, as well as a final exam. In addition to academics, this program includes firearms training, physical training, and defensive tactics.

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Minnesota Department of Corrections – Region 3

In addition to Gulfport’s Harrison County, the MDOC’s Region 3 includes Lauderdale County, which is home to another large Mississippi city of Meridian, as well as the following counties:

• Clark
• Jones
• Clay
• Kemper
• Covington
• Lamar
• George
• Lawrence
• Greene
• Leake
• Hancock
• Lowndes
• Jackson
• Marion
• Jasper
• Neshoba
• Jefferson Davis
• Newton