Probation and Parole Officer Career in Jackson, Mississippi

In 2010, there were 9,142 active probation and parole cases in Mississippi through the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC), Community Corrections Division. Of those cases, there were 3,181 probation cases and 1,219 parole cases in Region 2, which includes Jackson, Mississippi. During this time, Region 2 supported a total of 65 probation and parole officer jobs, commonly referred to as field officers in Mississippi.

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The total number of community corrections cases in Region 2 during this time was 5,459, which included the following:

  • Compact probation
  • Compact parole
  • Drug court
  • Suspension
  • Earned release supervision
  • Medical release
  • Non-adjudicated cases
  • Diversion program
  • Post-release supervision
  • ISP-Court sentenced
  • ISP-Prison releases.

Minimum Requirements for Jobs with the Mississippi Division of Community Corrections

Probation and parole officers in Jackson are part of the Field Services component of the Mississippi Division of Community Corrections. They may serve the MDOC through parole, intensive supervision, earned release supervision, medical release, ISP, or probation services.

Individuals interested in pursuing probation and parole officer careers in Jackson, Mississippi, must first meet the MDOC’s minimum qualifications for employment, which include one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the following programs: criminal justice, sociology, psychology, social work, or a related field and at least one year of experience in work related to the same fields; OR
  • A high school diploma or GED and at least five years of experience in one of the above fields

All probation or parole officers in Jackson must successfully complete the 10-week Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Program in order to become probation and parole officers in Jackson. The program is mandatory for all new officers in Mississippi at the municipal, city and state level.

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Region 2 Community Corrections

Region 2 of the MDOC, which is one of three regions, includes Hinds County, in which the cities of Jackson (the largest city in Mississippi) and Clinton are located, and Warren County, in which the larger Mississippi city of Vicksburg is located. Other counties in Region 2 include:

• Adams
• Copiah
• Lincoln
• Amite
• Franklin
• Madison
• Claiborne
• Holmes
• Pike