Probation and Parole Officer Career in Helena, Montana

Helena, Montana, is part of Region 2 of the Adult Community Corrections Division, Nevada Probation and Parole Bureau. Region 2 also consists of the following cities:

  • Butte
  • Bozeman
  • Livingston
  • Dillon
  • Anaconda

Note: The Helena Department of Corrections makes up the Central Region and is not part of Region 2.

As of July 2012, Region 2 had 10 probation and parole officers who supervised a caseload of 724 offenders.

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Education/Experience Requirements for Probation and Parole Officer Careers
in Helena, Montana

A bachelor’s or master’s degree (or the equivalent in related work experience, in some cases) is the minimum education requirements for Helena, Montana, probation and parole officer careers. Individuals must also possess at least 2 years of experience related to promoting the welfare of others to qualify for probation and parole officers jobs.

Individuals who have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence do not qualify for probation and parole officer careers in Helena, Montana.

Training Requirements for Helena, Montana – MT Probation and Parole Officer Jobs

All probation and parole officers must complete a POST-approved program and attend P&P basic training at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy. Thereafter, they must complete at least 16 hours of training on an annual basis.

Probation and parole officers in Montana are charged with supervising the nearly 80 percent of the 8,400 DOC offenders throughout the state. They may be involved in the process through informal hearings, or interventions, which often deal with minor non-compliance violations; on-site preliminary hearings, which are conducted when it is believed the offender violated his parole or probation conditions; or disciplinary hearings, which are conducted for those offenders involved in both major and severed violations of supervisions.

The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), the ISP Sanction Program, the Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP), and the Treatment Accountability Program (TAP), and Day Reporting provide more intensive supervision, many of which have treatment programs.

Electronic monitoring is also used by probation and parole officers in Helena, Montana, which includes house arrest, passive GPS, SCRAM (electronic alcohol monitoring device), and Interlock (electronic alcohol monitoring for ignition systems of vehicles). These professionals may also oversee specialized caseloads, including:

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  • Sexual offenders
  • Gang-related activity
  • Treatment court
  • Low-risk offenders
  • DUI
  • Native American
  • Chemical dependency
  • Mental health
  • Re-entry for high-risk offenders

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