Probation and Parole Officer Career in Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Nevada, probation and parole is part of Region 1 under the Nevada Probation and Parole Bureau, Adult Community Corrections Division. Region 1, which is one of 6 probation and parole regions in the state, has 16 probation and parole officers who supervise 1,130 offenders (as of July 2010). In all, the State of Nevada supervises more than 8,000 felony offenders annually. Of those, about 80 percent within the DOC system are involved, at some point, in probation, parole, or conditional release.

In addition to Missoula, Region 1 consists of the cities of Hamilton and Elkhorn, a number of treatment facilities, and the Montana State Prison.

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Education/Experience Requirements for Probation and Parole Officer Careers
in Missoula

Individuals interested in pursuing Missoula, Montana probation and parole officer jobs must first possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in such fields as sociology, psychology, criminology, social work, counseling or guidance, along with at least two years of related experience promoting the welfare of others. Work experience may be substituted for education (1 year experience = 9 months of formal education).

Individuals with a domestic violence conviction cannot qualify for probation or parole officer jobs in Missoula because they are not eligible, according to federal law, to possess a firearm or ammunition. Further, all candidates for probation officer jobs must successfully pass a fingerprint check, driver’s license check, and background investigation.

Individuals who want to learn how to become a probation or parole officer in Missoula must complete training through the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena. Because probation and parole officers in Montana are certified peace officers, all officers must first complete a POST-approved program. The Montana Law Enforcement Academy provides education and training for all state, county, city and tribal officers throughout Montana.

Missoula Probation and Parole Officer Jobs: Specialized Approaches to Probation

There are a number of specialized approaches to probation and parole in Missoula, many of which are aimed at providing focused care and attention to specific populations of offenders:

  • Intervention hearings
  • On-site hearings
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Intensive Supervision Program (ISP)
  • ISP Sanction Program
  • Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP)
  • Treatment Accountability Program (TAP)
  • Day Reporting
  • Electronic Monitoring (house arrest, passive GPS, and SCRAM – electronic alcohol monitoring device)
  • Offender Groups and Treatment
  • DUI and Drug Task Forces

In addition, some probation and parole officers in Missoula may work specialized caseloads, which involve specific populations of offenders, such as:

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  • Native Americans
  • Individuals with mental health needs
  • Sexual offenders
  • Veterans
  • Gang-affiliations
  • High-risk populations

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