Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Hamilton County, Ohio

Juveniles who have been processed through the juvenile court system of Hamilton County and sentenced to probation fall under the supervision of the Probation Division of the Department of Court Services.  In 2011, the number of juveniles referred to probation here in Hamilton County totaled 847, which is a decline from the 1,020 in 2010.  Of the number of referrals in 2011, 338 were related to a felony offense, while 486 were for misdemeanor offenses.

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Requirements to Become a Juvenile Probation Officer in Hamilton County, Ohio

The starting salary for juvenile probation officer jobs in Hamilton County, Ohio is $37,600.  The Hamilton County Juvenile Court sponsors these jobs and requires that applicants possess the following qualifications:

  • Possess a valid driver’s license and auto liability insurance
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in
    • Psychology
    • Corrections
    • Social work
  • Have three to five years of experience in counseling, community corrections or social work

The Juvenile Court also grants preference to candidates interested in becoming Hamilton County juvenile probation officers if they meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a master’s degree in social work, corrections or related field
  • Prior experience in treatment of adolescents
  • Possession of one or more of the following certifications
    • LSW
    • LPC
    • LPCC
    • LISW
    • OPOTA

Pre-employment training for new juvenile probation officers includes a total of 40 hours within these categories:

  • Juvenile Justice – five hours
  • Orientation to Evidence Based Practices – ten hours
  • Probation Officer Basic Practices – ten hours
  • Discretionary Topics – fifteen hours

Following the first year of service, juvenile probation officers must obtain at least 20 hours of additional training each year.

Juvenile Probation Programs in Hamilton County, Ohio

Juvenile probation officers in Hamilton County utilize the Ohio Youth Assessment System (OYAS) to evaluate incoming offenders.  This tool utilizes a variety of factors like initial age of first offense, criminal history, family relationships, and substance abuse issues to identify risks and needs unique to each case.  OYAS is a specialized tool developed by the University of Cincinnati Center for Criminal Justice Research and necessitates customized training for intake officers. This system is currently used by the majority of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Specialized units also provide supervision for juveniles with unique characteristics.  Juvenile probation officers with advanced training in sex offender supervision manage juveniles who exhibit dangerous behavior of a sexualized nature.  These officers utilize treatment and reprogramming options to remedy any violent or prohibited sexual behavior.

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The Electronic Monitoring Unit was implemented in 2004, and utilizes electronic transmitter bracelets. These devices alert local authorities if the youth has left the vicinity of their residence.  In 2011, 851 juveniles were supervised through electronic monitoring.

Hamilton County has also instituted a gender specific unit for female juveniles.  Currently four probation officers and a supervise oversee the Girls Empowered and Motivated for Success program.  This highly effective program provides female youths with specialized treatment modalities which have drastically reduced recidivism.

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