Parole Officer Careers in Toledo, Ohio

Located in Lucas County, Toledo’s parole supervision is conducted by the Adult Parole Authority, a division of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.  Toledo is located within the Lima Region of the APA, with two parole units assigned to the Toledo District Office.  This region also has three units in Lima, as well as two units in Defiance, and a unit each at the Crawford and Seneca offices.

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Lucas County reported 653 total offenders in 2011.  Of this number 266 were on post release control offenders or parolees.  There were also 64 additional 64 judicial release offenders and 323 offenders who were monitored following the expiration of their sentence. There were 12 parole officers and two supervisors assigned to this county, which had a budget of $6.2 million in 2011.

Post release control (PRC) offenders may be supervised for up to five years following their release.  The Parole Board determines if an offender should remain under PRC and for what length of time.  All offenders who have committed a first degree or sex offense, must remain under supervision for a mandatory five years.  Other types of offenders may request for reduced terms of supervision.  Supervisees who commit a second offense during PRC, may have the term of PRC for their first sentence added to the length of time under PRC following their second offense.

Requirements to Become a Parole Officer in Toledo

The minimum qualifications for parole officer job in the Toledo Adult Parole Authority include:

  • Ability to carry and use firearms
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to complete Parole Officer Orientation School
  • Successfully passed the Ohio Parole Officer Civil Service Exam
  • Bachelor’s degree; or associate’s degree with at least two years of experience in one of these fields:
    • Law enforcement
    • Criminal justice
    • Corrections
    • Social service

Civil Service Exam and Training

The Ohio Parole Officer Civil Service Exam includes the following components:

  • Submission of fingerprints for FBI and BCI record check
  • Successful completion of a written, multiple-choice examination consisting of 25 questions related to the parole and probation fields.  A score of 72 is required to pass.

Viable candidates will remain on the list of potential hires eligible to become parole officers in Toledo for up to 24 months.  If approved, candidates must interview, submit to a background investigation, psychological evaluation, and drug test before receiving a job offer.

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New hires must complete the Parole Officer Orientation School, which is three weeks in length.  Graduates must then qualify with a firearm in order to receive parole officer certification. During the first year of field service, officers will be closely supervised.  Each year, parole officers must re-qualify with their firearms and obtain at least 40 hours of additional training.

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