Parole Officer Careers in Martinsburg, West Virginia

There were 1,485 inmates paroled and about 2,500 parolees supervised in West Virginia in FY2012 alone. This has helped to highlight the dynamic careers of the parole officers of the West Virginia Parole Services, an agency that is part of the West Virginia Department of Corrections.

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Parole officers in Martinsburg, West Virginia, work out of the Parole Services’ northeastern parole region, one of 6 regions within the state. The 6 regions are then categorized under either the Northern or the Southern Parole District.

In addition to Martinsburg, out of which the Northeastern Regional Director works, the northeastern parole region encompasses the following areas:

  • Berkeley County
  • Grant County
  • Hampshire County
  • Hardy County
  • Jefferson County
  • Mineral County

How to Apply for Martinsburg, West Virginia Parole Officer Jobs

Before applying for parole officer jobs in Martinsburg, individuals should first determine if they meet the minimum employment requirements, which include:

  • At least 21 years old
  • A United States citizen
  • A valid West Virginia driver’s license
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in corrections, psychology, social work, sociology, or a related field

Parole officers in West Virginia are civil service professionals; so all candidates for parole officer jobs in Martinsburg must first apply to take the civil service test by completing a Division of Personnel’s Application for Examination. Only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements for employment are eligible to have their tests scored, so it is important to identify all requirements before taking the civil service exam.

All individuals with passing scores are ranked, from highest to lowest, on a register list maintained by the Division of Personnel. The Parole Services Agency often requests the names of the individuals ranked in the 90th percentile when filling a vacancy.

Parole Officer Training Requirements

Upon being hired by West Virginia Parole Services, all new parole officers must complete a five-week, mandatory training program through the West Virginia Corrections Academy in Ripley, West Virginia. Learning how to become a parole officer through Basic Training requires cadets to maintain an average of 70 percent or above on all Academy exams. This is a requirement to successfully pass Academy training.

The Basic Training class must be completed within one year of employment and is considered, by the chief executive officer of the Academy, as a “vital tool” for encouraging quality, teamwork, theoretical and operational knowledge, skills, and abilities. He also states that it fosters an environment for training and education for career-minded individuals.

Upon the successful completion of Academy training, and after six months of service, parole officers are certified as parole officers in the State of West Virginia.

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Thereafter, all parole officers must complete at least 40 hours of annual training, the majority of which is coordinated by the Parole Service Institutional Training Coordinator.

Opportunities in Specialized Parole Units

Parole officers in Martinsburg may work in one of the Agency’s specialized parole units, which include the following:

  • Electronic Monitoring program (GPS, home confinement)
  • Enhanced Supervision program for sex offenders
  • Enhanced Supervision program for violent offenders

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