Probation Officer Career in Monongalia County, West Virginia

Monongalia County probation officers serve as part of the 17th Judicial Circuit of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Probation officers in Monongalia County carry out their jobs according to the dictates of state legislation 62-12-6.  They are required to investigate all cases referred to them by the court and provide a written report for each case.  Probation officers must inform the people in their care about the details of their case in writing.

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Additional requirements include keeping abreast of the people on probation and reporting back to the court with updates of their status.  Probation officers in Monongalia work closely with community agencies to provide services that help their probationers to succeed in rejoining society as lawfully abiding members.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Monongalia County

Bachelor’s Degree – Applicants for probation officer jobs in Monongalia County are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university or college.  They must have a major in a criminal justice, human behavior, management, or political science field.  Proof of the degree must be provided in the form of a diploma or transcript.

Specialized Experience – (conditional based on job) Applicants must take a written test as part of the hiring process.  To become part of the sex offender Intensive Supervision Unit, applicants must have three years of experience handling clients or offenders in a supervisory capacity.

Mandatory Training – Once they have been hired, new employees learn how to become probation officers in Monongalia County by taking part in 240 hours of training before their first year is up.  An additional 40 hours of training is required yearly for probation officers who are established in their careers.

Probation officers who choose to carry handguns on duty are required to have at least four hours of training in handgun safety.

Monongalia County Drug Court

One agency in particular that uses the services of probation officers in Monongalia County is the county’s Drug Court.  This court provides an alternative to jail for non-violent offenders that had substance abuse playing a role in their criminal actions.  The use of drug courts has been found to be a cost-effective method at rehabilitating offenders with substance abuse problems.

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Sex offenders in West Virginia receive more intensive supervision from specialized probation officers.  Monongalia County is part of Region II of the sex offender supervision regions.

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