Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Casper, Wyoming

Juvenile offenders in Casper, Wyoming, are supervised by juvenile probation officers through the Department of Family Services (DFS), Division of Juvenile Services, which has 27 full-time offices and 3 part-time offices across 9 districts in the state.

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Casper, Wyoming, as part of District 7, includes Natrona County. Juveniles may be sentenced to probation in Natrona County by the Natrona County Circuit Court, the Casper Police Department, or the sheriff’s office, all of whom have an officer who operates out of the County’s Youth Diversion Program. Probation officers within the Youth Diversion Program may monitor up to 200 juveniles at any given time.

Prosecutors in Natrona County decide whether juveniles serve their probation sentences through the Diversion Program, the circuit court, or the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Probation Officer Career Requirements in Natrona County

Individuals interested in pursuing probation officer careers in Casper and throughout Natrona County must possess a bachelor’s degree. Preferred applicants, however, will possess a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields:

  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work
  • Administration of Justice

Candidates for probation officer jobs in Casper and throughout Natrona County who meet the minimum employment requirements can expect to undergo a criminal background investigation and fingerprints.

How to Become a Juvenile Probation Officer in Casper through Training

All new juvenile probation officers must complete a 32-hour training program within 6 months of being hired. Further, field staff employees, such as juvenile probation officers, must complete a course of training and receive certification within one year of being hired.

The Fundamental Skills Training for Juvenile Probation Officers program is required, annual in-service training for all current juvenile probation officers.

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Innovative Approaches to Youth Services in Natrona County

Juvenile probation officers in Casper work only with juveniles using the balanced approach/restorative justice model. All probation departments utilize the use of the Youth and Family Services Screening Instrument, which was developed by the Department of Family Services, when determining the level of probation supervision. Individualized supervision plans are required for all youths on probation in Casper.

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