Probation/Parole Officer Career in Gillette, Wyoming

Probation/parole officers in Gillette work for the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC).  They provide these services out of the 25 offices of the Division of Field Services.  The office in Gillette is located at West 3rd Street.

Those with probation/parole careers in Wyoming oversaw the cases of 6,097 people on probation or parole in 2012.  These officers analyze the cases of such individuals to determine the level of risk that they pose to society if they are released back into the community.  From these assessments, they determine the appropriate level of supervision for the offenders.

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Requirements and Training to Become a Probation/Parole Officer in Gillette

Residents of Gillette who wish to apply for probation/parole jobs in the city must have at least a bachelor’s degree.  They must be able to provide proof of a driver’s license and U.S. citizenship, such as passport, birth certificate, or social security card.  Copies of this information must be sent along with their application to the recruiter for the WDOC in Cheyenne.

One week of Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) is provided to new WDOC employees, so they learn how to become probation/parole officers.  This training involves learning such safety measures as control tactics at the WDOC Training Academy in Rawlins.

Job Duties

The supervision of probationers and parolees in Gillette can range from intensive supervision up to eight times a month to less frequent contacts every three months to no home visits for those that are deemed extremely low risk.

Probation/parole officer jobs also involving arranging access to the services that help most of the offenders rejoin society as productive members.  Offenders frequently undergo cognitive training designed to reduce the risk of performing future criminal acts.  Offenders often benefit from enhanced educational opportunities, such as job training or GED classes.  Many have a need for mental health counseling and/or treatment for substance abuse.

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The efforts of probation/parole officers appear to play a great role in helping these offenders avoid future criminal activity.  The rate of reoffending in Wyoming was the second lowest in the country according to a PEW Foundation analysis.