Parole Officer Careers in Chatham County, Georgia

In 2010 the Chatham County Detention Center reached a record capacity of 1,973 inmates, most of whom were felons. Combined with other incarceration facilities in the State, the Chatham County Parole Department Sector, part of the larger Southeast Parole Area, receives new parolees on a daily basis. This has created new opportunities for those seeking parole officer jobs in the area, and also helps save the Chatham County taxpayer money: the daily cost of incarceration is $51.19 per inmate, versus $4.94 per parolee.

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Education and Preferences

At least a bachelor’s degree is required to become a parole officer anywhere in the State of Georgia, and a preference is shown to those who majored in criminal justice. However psychology, social work, or any other BA or BS from an accredited college or university will satisfy the education requirement. The State Board of Pardons and Paroles also shows a preference to candidates who have any of the following:

  • Master’s degree in criminal justice
  • Fluency in Spanish or an Asian language
  • Experience in law enforcement for one or more years

Required Testing

While researching how to become parole officers in Chatham County, candidates will find the position requires test scores to be included with the general state application. Applicants must submit official or certified minimum passing scores from one of these tests to be considered as viable candidates:

  • ACT: Verbal 18, Math 16
  • CPE: Reading 75, English 75, Math 75
  • SAT: Verbal 430, Math 400
  • ASSET: Reading 38, Writing 35
  • COMPASS: Reading 70, Writing 32
  • Criminal Justice Test: A candidate will have already taken and passed this test if he or she has ever been a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Georgia

Training for New Parole Careers

New officers receive their first intensive training at the State’s academy in Forsyth. Throughout the eight-week program, officers will be instructed in the skills and knowledge needed to make them efficient and effective parole officers, ready to begin their new jobs upon graduation. The training academy includes:

  • Self-defense and physical fitness
  • Firearms training and handgun qualification, to be renewed biannually
  • Supervision and counseling techniques
  • Ethical, moral, and legal duties
  • Computer use, compilation of reports, and file organization

After the first year on the job, parole officers need to gain an annual 20 hours of refresher training.

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Chatham County parole officer jobs are posted on the State’s online employment site, as well as local sources in the cities of:

  • Savannah
  • Pooler
  • Port Wentworth
  • Garden City

Candidates will need to submit their test scores along with their state application as directed in the specific job posting, usually by email, mail, or through an online process. Where applicable, candidates should include specific information from the job advertisement on their application, such as the job title, job code, and announcement number.

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