Probation Officer Career in DuPage County, Illinois

In DuPage County, Illinois there are three major features that define probation officers jobs. First, probation officers must conduct thorough investigations of incoming probationers via interviews. These interviews may extend to parties associated with a probationer’s individual case. Next, probation officers must determine the level of probability that a probationer will commit further offenses based on the interview process. Finally, after establishing the likelihood of recurrent criminality, probation officers design a supervisory plan that will minimalize a probationer’s potential to breach their terms of probation.

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Some probation officers seek careers in DuPage County, Illinois because it is the second largest county in the state. Because of its size and its close proximity to the Chicago-area, job opportunities may be more abundant here in contrast to smaller, more outlaying counties. Right now, Wheaton, Naperville and Downers Grove are the three largest communities within DuPage County. The county’s Probation and Court Service Department operates under the jurisdiction of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court.

At any given time, the Probation Department manages approximately 4,000 offenders through probationary supervision. These offenders have committed both felony and misdemeanor crimes

Probation Officer Internship Opportunities in DuPage County, Illinois

Probation officers that work in DuPage County generally have at least a bachelor’s degree in the behavioral sciences and a minimum of one year of work experience in probation, social work, counseling or related human services.

Probation Officer Internships – Students can increase the probability of landing probation officer jobs in DuPage County, Illinois by completing an Adult Probation Internship through the Probation and Court Service Department. The internship program is specifically intended for undergraduate and graduate students currently studying criminal justice, sociology, psychology and social work.  The department prefers to accept students that commit to a full-time internships. Full-time internships comprise of at least 37.5 hours of in-service training per week for a total of twelve weeks.

Intern Responsibilities in DuPage County – The DuPage County Division of Probation expects interns to effectively learn how to become future probation officers through supervised training exercises. Interns begin the program by observing, or job-shadowing, probation officers performing supervisory tasks associated with probationers and court-related services. By the end of the twelve-week cycle, interns should be able to execute these same tasks without assistance. Examples of internship activities include:

  • Interview probations and victims
  • Prepare and maintain case files
  • Make assessments and create supervision plans
  • Validate criminal background checks
  • Provide assistance during home visits
  • Compose and deliver court documents
  • Refer probationers to counseling/community programs
  • Offer crisis intervention services

Probation Officer Employment

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, there are currently 3,099 probation officer positions statewide. The employment growth projection for this occupation is 4% with 78 expected job openings annually. State government agencies, such as the Department of Probation and Court Services, are among the top industries of employment for probation officers in Illinois. Professionals that secure employment in DuPage County’s Adult Casework Division often work within the following units:

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  • General Casework
  • High Risk Offender
  • Inter/Intra State
  • Sex Offender
  • Domestic Violence
  • Special Needs Advocacy

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