Parole Officer Careers in Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford, Illinois Police Department tabulated offenses in the city for crimes in 2011. Below is a small sampling of offenses they recorded that year:

  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter – 21
  • Kidnapping, abduction or unlawful restraint – 46
  • Forcible rape – 135
  • Forcible sodomy – 23
  • Robbery – 583
  • Aggravated assault – 1481
  • Simple assault – 4027
  • Burglary – 1902
  • Arson – 73
  • Shoplifting – 1022
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle – 990
  • Destruction, damage or vandalism of property – 4737

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Parole officer jobs in Rockford are essential to keeping the city safe from criminals who might reoffend if not for rehabilitative and social services.

As a part of Winnebago County, Rockford is part of Illinois’ Second Judicial District. The parole office in Rockford is the home base for parole agents working in the city. Part of the job of a parole agent in Rockford is to perform unannounced checks and visits to parolees.

In March 2013, Rockford parole agents and members of the Rockford Police Department made news when, while checking 49 parolees who were on parole for violent crimes, three parolees were arrested. One parolee had violated two warrants to appear in court. One possessed marijuana. Another parolee was charged for possessing a firearm.

Searches and checks such as these make up a large part of the work that Rockford parole agents do each day to keep the city safe.

Prerequisites for Parole Agents in Rockford

Education – Before applying to become a parole agent in Rockford, earning a bachelor’s degree is vital. The Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Division requires that this degree be from an accredited college or university and in one of the following disciplines:

  • Behavioral science (including human behavior, corrections, psychology)
  • Law enforcement
  • Social science (including criminology, criminal studies, sociology, social psychology,  social work)

Experience – The Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Division feels that experience in the field is also vital to success as a parole agent in Rockford. Six months of experience in any of these areas is acceptable:

  • Law enforcement
  • Counseling in rehabilitation
  • Parole
  • Probation

Becoming a Parole Agent in Rockford

Applying – Search and apply for open parole agent jobs in Rockford on Work4Illinois, the Illinois government’s employment website. Possession of a valid driver’s license is necessary in order to be hired. Passing the Corrections Parole Agent Exam is also a requirement before commencing parole agent careers in Rockford. This multiple-choice exam tests knowledge and skills in:

  • Problem solving/analysis
  • Counseling
  • Technical report writing
  • Computer
  • Reading comprehension

Training – The Illinois Department of Corrections in Springfield trains new parole agent in Rockford in an eight-week course. Orientation on the job is also an important part of training for parole agents in Rockford.

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Included in the training that Rockford parole agents receive is 40 hours of firearms training, in order to become certified to carry firearms on the job. Each year, parole agents in Rockford must take training to re-qualify for firearms certification. If Rockford parole agents want to carry firearms off the job, they must receive special certification through   Illinois Parole Agent Concealed Carry.

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