Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Clark County, Nevada

In total, there are nine judicial districts in the state of Nevada. One of them is located in Clark County, which is the state’s largest metropolitan area and home to Las Vegas. The juvenile justice services department is responsible for monitoring the more than 400 juveniles that are on probation in the area, and is one of the largest juvenile probation providers not only in the state, but in the entire region.

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The juvenile justice services department is separated into various sub-categories, which are responsible for monitoring juvenile offenders based on risk assessments and other factors. There is a traditional juvenile probation department, a trial by peers system for low-risk and first time offenders with minor charges, field supervision, drug court and juvenile sex offender departments, as well as a unit responsible for monitoring juveniles that are gang affiliated or have charges related to gang activity.

The duties and responsibilities of juvenile probation officers in Clark County depend on which department they are employed in. Yet, all probation officers are required to monitor youth offenders and ensure that they get the rehabilitative and community services they need in order to lower their risk of reoffending.

Juvenile probation officers in Clark County have peace officer status, which means they are permitted to make arrests of juvenile offenders under their supervision. Carrying a firearm while on duty is optional in Clark County.

Education Requirements for Juvenile Probation Officers in Clark County

In order to obtain a juvenile probation officer job in Clark County, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, as recognized by the state of Nevada. While there is no requirement for the field of study, it is preferred that the degree be related to the fields of psychology, sociology, criminal justice, criminology, social work or counseling, among other behavioral and social sciences.

Those with military experience or relevant work experience will also receive special preference during the beginning stages of the hiring process. Direct work experience can be substituted for the education requirement as long as the applicant can demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of a juvenile probation officer.

Training for Juvenile Probation Officers in Clark County

Upon being hired by the juvenile justice services department new recruits learn how to become juvenile probation officers in Clark County by completing on the job training in whichever department they are placed in. Depending on the department, officers may also be required to attend a training academy for specialized skills.

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New employees must also receive their P.O.S.T certification (Peace Officer Standards and Training) before beginning their assignments. The certification is achieved by passing a multiple choice written examination that is administered by the state.

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