Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Nevada

In Nevada, the juvenile probation services are administered by the district courts in the state. In total, Nevada has nine jurisdictional districts, some of which serve an entire county and some of which serve multiple counties.

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The most interesting thing about juvenile probation officer jobs in Nevada is that the officers are granted peace officer status like all other law enforcement officials. This means they are authorized to make arrests of probation violators, which many other states do not allow. Juvenile probation officers in Nevada may also be authorized to carry firearms as a mandatory part of the job, although some districts make firearms voluntary while other districts do not allow juvenile probation officers to carry firearms at all.

Education and Experience Requirements for Juvenile Probation Officers in Nevada

When considering whether or not to apply for a juvenile probation officer position in Nevada, an applicant must review the basic education and experience requirements as stated by Nevada state law. Because of the complicated organization of the juvenile probation system in Nevada, education requirements differ depending on which jurisdiction is being applied for.

In some jurisdictions, juvenile probation officers are only required to have a high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent certificate. In the other jurisdictions, applicants for juvenile probation officer positions are required to at least have a bachelor’s degree, and preferably in the field of behavioral science (as in, sociology, psychology, counseling, social work or criminal justice, among others.) None of the nine jurisdictions in Nevada require an education higher than a bachelor’s degree.

Some jurisdictions also have work experience requirements, but those depend on various factors as well. If there is an experience requirement, it usually involves working with youth in some way or another (through volunteering, actual work or an internship.) Most of the jurisdictions in Nevada have no experience requirements for a juvenile probation officer career.

Training for Juvenile Probation Officers in Nevada

Recruits that are selected to become an employee with the Nevada juvenile probation service will eventually become juvenile probation officers through formal training provided by the court system. During the first year of employment, juvenile probation officers in Nevada are required to attend a variety of training courses, which cover subjects like counseling, making arrests, operating firearms (when applicable,) de-escalating situations and conducting juvenile probation investigations. The amount of training that is required during the first year depends entirely on the district in which the employee is working.

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Ongoing Juvenile Probation Officer Training in Nevada

Likewise, most juvenile probation officers in Nevada must complete additional training after the first year of employment. As a part of ongoing training, juvenile probation officers in Nevada are required to take 24 hours of additional training each year that they are employed in their jurisdiction.

The additional training typically involves defensive tactics training as well as firearm certification where applicable.

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