Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Washoe County, Nevada

As one of the most populous areas in the state of Nevada, Washoe County is also one of the largest juvenile probation service providers in the state. Every year Washoe County processes hundreds of juveniles on probation between the ages of 8 and 18.

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There are often opportunities for people looking to gain employment as a juvenile probation officer in Washoe County, as there are eight separate departments and two juvenile probation field offices located throughout the county. The eight departments are:

  • The assessment unit
  • The diversion unit
  • The gang unit
  • The compliance unit
  • The substance abuse unit
  • The mental health unit
  • The incline village unit (responsible for monitoring juvenile offenders that have been placed in a juvenile housing facility for serious offenses)

Since there are eight different departments, they type of work, duties and responsibilities performed by juvenile probation officers will differ. Each department handles a separate part of the probation process, but all officers are required to monitor the progress of juveniles on probation, as well as perform casework management and referral services.

Education Requirement for Juvenile Probation Officers in Washoe County, Nevada

In order to be considered for a juvenile probation officer jobs in Washoe County, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be in the fields of behavioral science or criminal justice, or a very closely related field.

A degree is not required if an applicant has at least two years of relevant work experience performing duties similar to that of a probation officer. Applicants with military experience are given preference during the initial hiring stages.

Certification and Licensing Requirements

Applicants must also receive various certifications before being considered for the juvenile probation officer position. Certification includes completing the Peace Officer Standards and Training test, which is a multiple choice exam that assesses a person’s understanding of the basic duties performed by law enforcement employees in the state. Applicants are also required to have CPR and First Aid certification prior to becoming a full-time employee in Washoe County.

Training Requirements

Once hired, juvenile probation officers in Washoe County receive six months of on the job training before becoming a juvenile probation officer and considered an independent employee of the juvenile justice services department. The training focuses on:

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  • Departmental procedures
  • Report filing
  • Arrest procedures
  • Communication skills
  • Defensive tactics
  • Case management
  • Community outreach
  • Testifying in court
  • Dealing with at-risk youth that may have substance abuse and mental health problems
  • Placement of youth offenders in foster homes and other institutions as needed

The training does vary from department to department and individual knowledge and qualifications. Additional training is required each and every year that a juvenile probation officer is employed with Washoe County.

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