Probation Officer Career in Dallas County, Texas

Individuals with a socially conscious attitude toward law enforcement are ideal candidates for jobs as probation officers in Dallas County, Texas. Not only do these professionals help to evolve the criminal justice system via alternative sentencing, but can also become symbols of hope and security for victims of crime, offenders under probation, and the community-at-large.

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Probation officers in Dallas County have the esteemed honor of serving residents in second most populated county in Texas, and the ninth most populated county in the United States. Workers may also be attracted to this county because it encompasses the dynamic city of Dallas as well as the prominent Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.

Community Supervision & Corrections Department

The Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) is the focal point of probationary affairs in Dallas County. Probation officers work vigilantly alongside the department to supervise over 53,000 offenders across sixteen felony courts and fourteen misdemeanor courts in county. In general, probation officers fill positions in one of the CSCD’s seven satellite field supervision offices located in Dallas, Wilmer and Garland.

Probation Officer Standards

Before starting a career as a probation officer in Dallas County, TX, certain employment standards must be met. According to the Community Supervision and Corrections Department, the minimum requirements for all applicants are as follows:

  • Must have United States citizenship/legal authorization for employment
  • Must be at least eighteen years old
  • Must have a high school diploma, GED or college degree
  • Must pass physical examination
  • Must clear criminal background checks

Yet, probation officer applicants are also subject to a series of restrictions, including:

  • Cannot have Class A or B misdemeanor convictions in last five years
  • Cannot have pending charges or outstanding warrants
  • Cannot currently be on probation
  • Cannot have felony convictions
  • Cannot have drug-related convictions

Probation Supervisor Qualifications

Some probation officers opt to learn how to become probation supervisors in Dallas County through continued education and training. According to the county’s Human Resources Department, to qualify for a supervisory position, probation officers must complete at a minimum of three years of career-related experience. At least one of these three years must be comprised of supervisory experience. In addition, probation supervisors must hold a bachelor’s degree in a career-related field such as:

  • Criminal Law
  • Public Administration
  • Corrections
  • Business Management
  • Sociology
  • Counseling
  • Public Administration
  • Education
  • Cultural Anthropology
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Probation Officer Employment in Dallas County

In 2012, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) calculated that 6,320 probation officers and correctional treatment specialists worked in Texas. More locally, the USBLS reports there were 1,000 of these workers employed in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region and 610 employed in the Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan division. The Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department currently employs 530 staff members. These staff members include community supervision officers, assistant supervisors, supervisors and administrators.

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