Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Davis County, Utah

Along with Weber and Morgan counties, Davis County is part of Utah’s Second Judicial District. There are full-service juvenile courts in both Farmington and Ogden. Each has a “Juvenile Probation Officer in Charge” who oversees intake evaluations that provide input to the Court regarding whether the youth should be detained or given probation.

When a youth is given a probationary sentence in Davis County, a juvenile probation officer interviews him/her, the parents, school officials and employer (if any) to develop a case plan after which the officer makes regular visits to the juvenile’s home to ensure compliance with all court orders. The juvenile probation officer also arranges for any needed counseling related to substance abuse, anger management, social skills, etc. Juvenile Probation Officers keep inclusive records and provide progress reports to the Court.

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Bachelor’s Requirement for Becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer in
Davis County, Utah

Juvenile probation officer jobs in Davis County require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college/university. Persons with a master’s degree in social work and/or either paid or volunteer experience working with adolescents will have an edge over the competition.

How to Apply for the Job of Juvenile Probation Officer in Davis County

Juvenile probation in Davis County is under the jurisdiction of Juvenile Justice Services, a state agency. All candidates for state jobs must use the “Utah Job Match” online application system. Applications for juvenile probation officer are only accepted for open positions. A list of available jobs can be found on the Utah Job Match website.

Clicking on the open position will bring up the online application and provide details about the hiring process. Candidates whose applications are accepted will be notified of a time/place for a personal interview. Prospective employees of the Juvenile Justice system can expect to have a background check and a drug test.

Juvenile Probation Officer Training in Davis County

Newly hired officers are required to attend a one-week training at the Basic Orientation and Certification Academy where they learn how to become juvenile probation officers within the first four months of employment. There is also a requirement for ongoing training throughout their careers.

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The average annual salary for juvenile probation officers in Davis County is $44,000. Employee benefits include:

  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • 11 paid holidays
  • Life and accidental death insurance
  • Voluntary long term care insurance
  • Retirement and savings plans
  • Education assistance
  • Employee discount plans

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