Probation and Parole Officer Career in Ogden, Utah

In a recent count there were 4,374 people under the supervision of the Utah Department of Adult Probation and Parole in Ogden’s administrational region, making up just over a quarter of the state’s total. A career as an adult probation and parole officer in Ogden means having the power of arrest and the privilege of carrying a firearm on the job. Officers have the authority to enforce the law, though this comes as a last resort when rehabilitation efforts have failed.

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There are two primary goals of an adult probation and parole officer: to provide every available resource and assistance for offender rehabilitation, and to ensure the strict compliance of the offender with his or her terms of probation. Duties of an officer include:

  • Referral and awareness of community resources for offender assistance such as:
    • Housing programs
    • Mental health treatment
    • Drug and alcohol addiction programs
    • Federal, state and local subsidized assistance such as food, heating, and phone
    • Vocational and educational community training programs
  • Monitoring of probationer to ensure compliance with probation terms
  • Conducting investigations for the assistance of the courts

Required Education for Probation and Parole Officer Jobs in Ogden

Adult probation and parole officers in Ogden act as a crucial go-between for the offender, the criminal justice system, and the Ogden community. They help the offender learn how to become integrated back into society while at the same time ensuring the terms of probation and parole are enforced, reporting violations as they occur.

Candidates for probation and parole officer jobs need to have the right set of skills and education to be able to carry out these job functions, and the State of Utah has thus designated the minimum education requirement for applicants to be at least a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Preferred candidates are bilingual or have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, social work, or psychology. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Candidates interested in learning how to become probation and parole officers in Ogden must monitor Utah’s State jobs listings for any adult probation and parole job listing put out by the Department of Corrections. There are two adult probation and parole facilities in Ogden, the Northern Utah Community Corrections Center (NUCCC) and the Northern Region Ogden Office. When positions become available candidates can apply by first creating an online account with the State’s human resources department, filling out their application fully and completely.

Training for Ogden Adult Probation and Parole Officers

Adult probation and parole officers in Utah go through an extensive training process in their first year of employment that includes:

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  • Firearms training
  • Five-week Peace Officer certification course at the Department of Public Safety Training Academy
  • Correction Officer II certification
  • CAT-I or Special Function Officer certification

To remain current on all their certifications, officers must also attend 40 annual hours of in-service training after their first year of employment.

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