Parole Officer Careers in Maricopa County, Arizona

As home to the cities of Phoenix, Chandler and Mesa, those who are on parole in Maricopa County may be assigned to any of the following parole offices that operate under the supervision of the Arizona Department of Corrections:

  • Mesa Regional Parole Office
  • Western Regional Parole Office, Phoenix
  • Central Regional Parole Office, Phoenix
  • Northeastern Maricopa Parole Office, Phoenix

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Parole officers in Maricopa County were in the news in October 2012 when a man who was on parole for armed robbery shot at a Chandler apartment complex.  Three people were injured and the man himself was killed when apartment complex residents drew their own guns and returned fire. Parole officers in Maricopa County are committed to preventing these types of incidents. Their chief concern is keeping the community safe from convicts who might be tempted to commit crimes, and at the same time they have a duty to help parolees rehabilitate and live lives free of crime.

Education Necessary to Become a Parole Officer in Maricopa County

Holding a bachelor’s degree is a must for those who are pursuing parole officer jobs in Chandler. The degree needs to be in sociology, criminal justice, psychology, business or public administration. Having a master’s degree is preferable. A valid driver’s license is also required of anyone who wishes to become a parole officer in Maricopa County

When a parole officer job is open anywhere in Maricopa County it will be posted at Interested parties must begin the application process at this website. The State of Arizona Department of Human Resources will contact those who meet the job’s qualifications to schedule interviews, background investigations and drug tests.

Training for Parole Officers in Maricopa County

The sole way to become a parole officer in Maricopa County is through training sponsored by the Arizona Department of Corrections. This is the final step parole officer candidates must take prior to accepting these jobs. It is expected that new parole officers in Maricopa County will complete 64 hours of training in their first year of employment, provided by the Correctional Officer Training Academy in Tucson.

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All Maricopa County parole officers must fulfill the continuing education requirement of 48 hours per year throughout their careers.

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