Probation Officer Career in Pinal County, Arizona

About 1,400 probationers reside in Pinal County’s probation district, which encompasses Casa Grande. An additional 400 offenders are monitored by the department but supervised by other probation districts throughout the state. By a recent count there were 33 probation officers working throughout the district, with offices located in Florence and Apache Junction in addition to Casa Grande. Probation officers enforce and supervise the terms of an offender’s probation, as well as provide direction to help offenders become responsible members of the Pinal County community and the surrounding area.

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There is no typical day in a probation officer’s career, but officers can regularly expect to perform the following duties:

  • Caseload supervision of assigned probationers
  • Conduct pre-sentence or social investigations
  • Conduct intake interviews and risk assessments
  • Maintain and compile reports, case histories, and files
  • Counsel group and individual probationers
  • Evaluate and review psychiatric reports, criminal records, and police reports

Education, Experience and Training to Become a Casa Grande Probation Officer

Pinal County requires probation officers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as criminal justice, sociology, psychology, or social work. It is also recommended for candidates to have experience in the probation field or related areas such as criminal justice and law enforcement. Those interested in probation officer jobs in Casa Grande or elsewhere in Pinal County should have a valid Arizona driver’s license, and should not have any felony convictions.

Officers just beginning a new career will need to complete the Probation Certification Academy. This is a two-week intensive training course that focuses on:

  • Firearms training
  • Defensive tactics
  • Arizona State Code and laws
  • Persuasive techniques and offender psychology
  • Social services and community resources

Officers will need to demonstrate their abilities in defensive tactics and pass a 40-question multiple-choice exam. Officers who choose to carry a firearm must pass a shooting test, 40-question exam, and attend Firearms Academy. Candidates must pass a cumulative exam in order to graduate. After the first year of employment, officers must complete firearms certification, defensive training, and continuing education on an annual basis.

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Applying for a Probation Officer Job in Pinal County

There must be a vacancy before any applications are accepted, and candidates can monitor Pinal County’s jobs postings and also sign up for a vacancy notification service with the County to receive an email when a probation vacancy becomes open. Before applying for a job online, candidates will need to have created an online employment application. Pinal County provides an extensive listing of additional information about workplace safety, conditions of employment, benefits, and more for the benefit of the candidate.

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