Probation Officer Career in Yuma County, Arizona

While offenders are learning how to become responsible Yuma County citizens, they should be grateful a probation program is available, as the justice system in Yuma County wasn’t always as forgiving – there is a hundred year old tree next to the primary probation office on Main Street in Yuma known as Hanging Tree, which earned the name for obvious reasons. Today, however, probation officers in Yuma County are available to help offenders with rehabilitation, though they are authorized to make arrests when needed. In 2012 there were 251 offenders enrolled in Yuma County’s intensive probation supervision program, out of a statewide total of 2,143.

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In 2012 there were over 36,036 probationers under direct supervision across the state, 975 of those being in Yuma County. Probation officers hold many responsibilities and duties, including:

  • Evaluating offender mental health status and conducting risk assessments
  • Being aware of available community resources and which could be most beneficial to an individual probationer
  • Supervising probationers in the field and in an office during appointments
  • Creating and keeping detailed files and reports
  • Working with a wide range of people, from probationers to judges, police, family members, and colleagues

In May of 2012 there were approximately 80 probation officers working in Yuma County, making an average annual salary of $46,900

Education Requirements and Application Process for a Probation Officer Career

Arizona requires all its probation officers to have at least a bachelor’s degree. It may be advantageous to have major in fields related to probation, such as social work, psychology, and criminal justice. It can also be beneficial if candidates have work experience in a relevant field such as corrections, counseling, and social outreach programs.

Those interested in a career as a Yuma County probation officer can begin by checking the county’s human resources jobs listing online. Applications are only accepted when there are vacancies, and can be made directly from the online job announcement. If candidates would prefer there is also the option of printing off a paper application and sending this along with the requested documents to the Yuma County Human Resources Department on Main Street in the city of Yuma.

Yuma County uses an application process that proceeds as follows:

  • Identify the characteristics and qualifications of an ideal candidate
  • Candidate exam and question worksheet
  • Confirm essential requirements from a provided application and resume
  • Candidate interview and rating
  • Review of candidate’s overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Reference checks

Post-Hire Training

The Committee on Probation Education administers the Probation Certification Academy from which all officers statewide are required to graduate. The academy lasts two weeks, and to become certified and graduate officers must pass a cumulative test. Training is provided in these areas:

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  • CPR training that needs to be certified annually
  • First aid training that must be renewed every three years
  • Safety issues and defensive techniques
  • Firearms training that must be refreshed every six months to a year
  • Interview and interrogation techniques
  • Defensive driving and techniques

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