Parole Officer Careers in Mesa, Arizona

The Mesa Regional Parole Office, which is located at 460 North Mesa Drive, provides parole services for inmates released on parole in the city of Mesa and other areas of Maricopa County.  Parole officer careers in this area are concentrated in the Mesa Regional Parole Office. The city of Mesa, as of the 2010 census, housed 439,041 persons, while Maricopa County is home to 3.88 million Arizonans.

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Mesa, Arizona parole officer jobs involve much interaction with former prison inmates. Parole officers in Mesa have many responsibilities, including helping former prison inmates transition into community life. These parole officers will help Mesa-area ex-convicts find gainful employment, housing, and appropriate social interaction. Mesa’s parole officers must also supervise their parolees to make sure that each one is adhering to the conditions of his or her parole.

Parole officers in Mesa also interact with crime victims to let them know about pending parole release dates as required by law. This is to help maintain the protection of the crime victim, the protection of the inmate and the safety of the Mesa public as a whole. Some of Mesa’s parole officers may be bilingual, with fluency in Spanish as well as in English, in order to interact effectively with their parolees, crime victims and the citizens of Mesa.

Education Needed to Become a Parole Officer in Mesa

Those who are interested in parole officer jobs in Mesa need at least a bachelor’s degree. It should be in public administration, business, psychology, criminal justice or sociology. The Arizona Department of Corrections prefers parole officers to have a master’s degree. Experience in the correctional area is not required for prospective parole officers.   A valid driver’s license, however, is required.

The Arizona State Government career site,, will publish openings for parole officers in Mesa as they become available. After submitting an application, qualified candidates may be contacted by the Arizona Department of Human Resources to proceed with an interview, background check, drug test and to complete the rest of the hiring process.

Training for Parole Officers in Mesa

New parole officers in Mesa must undergo 64 hours of training during their first year as parole officers, as it is only possible to become a parole officer in Mesa through training. The Correctional Officer Training Academy in Tucson provides training to Mesa parole officers.

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Mesa parole officers are expected to take at least 48 hours of courses in continuing education each year to maintain their jobs.  This helps to keep their skills and knowledge sharp and current.

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