Probation and Parole Officer Career in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Probation and parole services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are provided by the Hennepin County Adult Field Services Division, which also includes a number of other correctional services. In 2010 alone, 207 probation and parole officers in Hennepin County supervised more than 30,000 offenders per month.

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Minimum Employment Requirements for Probation and Parole Officer Careers in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Individuals interested in learning how to become a probation or parole officer in Minneapolis must possess one of the following:

  • A master’s degree in social work, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, law enforcement education, counseling, or a related field, which must include supervised clinical field work training or an internship; OR
  • A bachelor’s degree in one of the above fields and 3  years of experience in law enforcement, probation/parole, criminal justice, social work, or corrections

Individuals applying for Minneapolis, Minnesota probation and parole officer jobs must also possess a valid driver’s license.

MN Probation and Parole Officer Jobs

In MN, probation and parole officers jobs may include working in a number of specialized units, including:

  • Pretrial Services Unit: Individuals are assessed through the pretrial services unit to determine if they should be released on bail. In 2010, there were nearly 20,000 pretrial screenings performed in Hennepin County. Individuals placed on conditional release are often monitored by probation officers.
  • Investigations Unit: Probation officers are tasked with gathering information and making reports, which are used in both the pre- and post-trial phases of the judicial process. In 2010, probation officers were involved in more than 9,500 felony investigations.
  • Sex Offender Unit: There are about 900 sex offenders supervised by probation and parole officers in Hennepin County through the intensive supervised release program.
  • Traditional supervision: All offenders in the community are assigned probation or parole officers, who may perform home and job checks, urinalyses, and breathalyzer tests to monitor offenders.
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Neighborhood probation offices in Hennepin County include:

  • Eastside Neighborhood Probation
  • Jordan Probation House
  • Midtown Community Safety Center
  • Powderhorn Probation Collaborative
  • Probation Reporting Center North
  • Steven’s Square Probation

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