Probation Officer Career in Ramsey County, Minnesota

In Ramsey County, there were 4.9 adults per every 1,000 residents on probation in 2009; that’s higher than the state average of 3.5 adults per every 1,000. Ramsey County, which serves Saint Paul, Minnesota, is the third largest probation organization in the state, with nearly 15,000 adult offenders supervised in 2009 alone.

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Probation officers in Saint Paul, Minnesota, work through the Probation Unit in Ramsey County. The probation unit includes educational programs, treatment, and other interventions, including surveillance, drug testing, and community work service. Probation officer careers in Saint Paul, Minnesota, are also focused on working with nonprofit, community agencies that specialize in chemical dependency, domestic abuse, and offender treatment.

Education Requirements for Probation Officer Careers in Ramsey County

Individuals interested in learning how to become a probation officer in Ramsey County must possess, at a minimum, one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in one of the social sciences; OR
  • A bachelor’s degree in another field, along with at least 30 semester credits in the social sciences; OR
  • A bachelor’s degree in another field, along with at least 6 months in corrections or a closely related field

Individuals interested in pursuing specialized probation officer jobs in Saint Paul and throughouth Ramsey County must have experience in such areas as: high-risk prison releases, DWI offenders, confirmed gang members; sex offenders; and domestic abuse offenders.

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Ramsey County’s Specialized Probation Units

In addition to the traditional probation officers that serve the districts in Saint Paul and throughout the surrounding county, many others work through one of Ramsey County’s Specialized Probation units, which include:

  • Community work service
  • Domestic abuse
  • Drug testing
  • Domestic relations
  • Investigation
  • Sex offender units