Probation and Parole Officer Career in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A new probation/parole district office was created in Rio Rancho in 2007, because of the increasing number of caseloads in the area.  This district office is part of the region that encompasses the Albuquerque metropolitan area.  Probation/parole officers in Rio Rancho supervise standard offenders who live in Sandoval County.

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Probation/parole officers assess offenders that have been sentenced to probation and parole and develop case plans to supervise their reintegration into society.  This involves assessing the risk posed by a particular individual to determine the best plan of action for the offender.

These officers coordinate with community service groups to provide treatment to offenders that would benefit from mental health counseling or substance abuse treatment.  Probation/parole officers also help the probationers or parolees to find jobs to help them become law-abiding members of society.  They monitor these individuals to ensure that they are complying with the conditions of their probation or parole.

Probation/parole officers in Rio Rancho work with law enforcement and community groups to monitor people convicted of crimes related to gangs in Sandoval County.  These officers provide assistance, rehabilitation, and monitor the defendants while working collaboratively with these groups.

Becoming a Probation and Parole Officer in Rio Rancho Through Education
and Training

Individuals who seek careers as probation/parole officers in Rio Rancho must have a bachelor’s degree.  A degree in any field is acceptable, but the applicant must have either majored in or taken 15 semester hours of supplemental classes in one of the following areas:

  • Police science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Guidance and counseling

In addition, other requirements include being a U.S. citizen with a home phone.  Applicants can expect to be tested for drug use and undergo a background check.  They must first pass a physical exam before they can be hired.

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Newly hired employees of the New Mexico Corrections Department attend the department’s Training Academy to learn how to become probation/parole officers in Las Cruces.  Their training involves taking courses in CPR, first aid, and defensive tactics.

Selected probation/parole officers receive additional training to become part of Community Response Teams.  These Community Policing officers work on tracking down the 1,500 fugitives in New Mexico who have violated their parole or probation.  These officers receive training in using firearms and in liability.

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