Probation and Parole Officer Career in Brattleboro, Vermont

In March of 2013 probation and parole officers (PPOs) in Brattleboro were responsible for 146 offenders on probation and parole. This included 16 parolees released early from their prison sentences and the majority – 130 probationers – who received their sentence in place of or in addition to time served in prison. Be they probationers or parolees, PPOs serve as an important link between these offenders, the law-abiding citizens of Brattleboro, and the criminal justice system. PPOs help their assigned offenders learn how to become rehabilitated so they can be responsible members of society.

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Required Education and Experience for Brattleboro Probation and Parole Officers

The State’s Department of Corrections encourages candidates for probation and parole officer jobs in Brattleboro to begin by working as correctional officers and apply for a promotion to probation and parole officers after gaining valuable experience. The position of correctional officer requires candidates to have at least a high school diploma or GED and two years of full time military service, work experience, or college training.

For candidates who already have a higher level of education and experience, it may be possible to apply directly for a career as a probation and parole officer. To do so, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with experience and major coursework in a human services-related field such as criminal justice, social work, or psychology
  • High school diploma or GED and four years of experience working full-time with clients in a human services setting
  • Four years of experience working as a law enforcement officer

Up to two years of college coursework may be substituted for a maximum of two years of experience.

To apply to become either a correctional officer probation and parole officer, candidates will need to create an online resume and account with the Vermont Human Resources Department. Applicants can search for open correctional or parole and probation officer positions on the State’s job postings website.

Training for Correctional Officers and PPOs in Brattleboro

Those hired as correctional officers will complete an eight-week training program as follows:

  • An initial week of orientation and observation at a state correctional facility
  • Five weeks at the Correctional Officer Training Academy
  • An additional 80 hours of supervised training on-the-job

Candidates hired directly into a career as a probation and parole officer will receive training in:

  • Criminal justice system and legal procedures
  • Offender evaluation and intake
  • Report writing and record keeping
  • Community resources referrals
  • Mental health and psychological evaluations
  • Persuasive techniques and positive reinforcement
  • Use of force and arrest procedures
  • Self defense
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Brattleboro Probation and Parole Officer Jobs

PPOs in Brattleboro will be working in a field that is projected to grow 18 percent nationally throughout the current decade, with a recently averaged annual yearly salary at over $47,000. The Brattleboro Probation and Parole Office is located in a tidy three-story brick building on Spring Tree Road, a stone’s throw from the confluence of the Connecticut and West rivers. Probation and parole officers have the satisfaction of knowing their work helps keep people out of prison as productive members of society, while at the same time providing a valuable service to the community of Brattleboro by keeping law-abiding citizens safe.

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