Probation, Parole and Juvenile Probation Officer Salaries in Vermont

In Vermont, juvenile and adult probation/parole services are handled by the Vermont Department of Corrections (adult probation/parole); and the Vermont Department of Children and Families (juvenile probation/parole), respectively.

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Included here is the step-by-step pay schedule for adult and juvenile parole/probation officers in Vermont:

Community Correctional Officer:

  • Step 1: $36,296
  • Step 2: $37,918.40
  • Step 3: $39,312
  • Step 4: $40,580.80
  • Step 5: $42,016

According to the U.S. Department of Labor this represents comprehensive salary information among parole, probation, and juvenile probation officers in Vermont:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Burlington-South Burlington VT
Southern Vermont nonmetropolitan area