Probation and Parole Officer Career in Burlington, Vermont

Probation and parole officers (PPOs) in Burlington, Vermont are dedicated community advocates who can enforce the law when needed. They work with offenders who have been sentenced to terms of probation instead of or supplementary to a prison sentence, as well as parolees who are released early from prison.

Probation and parole officers serve as a vital liaison between the courts, criminal justice system and offenders. In 2012 there were 70 probation and parole officers working in the Burlington area, who made an average annual salary of $50,240. As of March 2013 there were 442 people in Burlington on probation and parole.

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How to Become a Probation and Parole Officer in Burlington

Candidates interested in parole and probation officer (PPO) jobs in Burlington should either have prior similar experience or begin by applying to work as a correctional officer. The career path for those interested in learning how to become a probation and parole officer in Burlington may begin by working as a correctional officer, or by being hired on to the job directly

Direct Hire Path – Candidates applying directly for probation and parole officer positions are preferred to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, criminal justice, social work, or any other major coursework in a human services field. Acceptable substitutions for this are:

  • A high school diploma or GED and one of the following two:
    • Four years of full-time experience working with clients in a human services setting
    • Four years of experience working as a law enforcement officer
      • Up to two years of college education may be substituted on a one-to-one ratio for law enforcement or human services experience

Correction Officer Path – This position mandates that candidates have at least a high school diploma or GED and two years of either:

  • Full-time work experience
  • College training
  • Military service

How to Apply for Probation and Parole Officer Jobs in Burlington

Candidates with previous experience as probation and parole officers can monitor the State’s jobs postings online for any vacancies for Probation and Parole Officer I listings. Candidates looking to qualify by first becoming correctional officers can check the same website for those listings under the Protective Services category. All candidates begin the application process by creating an online account and resume with Vermont’s e-recruit program.

Starting a Career with Burlington Probation and Parole Services

The Burlington probation and parole office is located just a few blocks from the shores of Lake Champlain’s Burlington Bay in downtown Burlington. Officers are required to at times work on-call, and during weekends and holidays. Nationally, the career outlook for probation officers and correctional treatment specialists is projected to increase by 18 percent in the decade leading up to 2020. PPOs provide a great service for Burlington, supervising those who would otherwise be incarcerated as they try and become reintegrated back into society as productive and responsible citizens.

Specialized Training

Newly hired correctional officers in Burlington complete an extensive eight-week training program that consists of:

  • One week spent at the local correctional facility observing the role and duties of a correctional officer
  • Five weeks of education and training at Vermont’s Department of Corrections Training Center
  • Two weeks of on-the-job training under supervision
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After gaining experience as a corrections officer, probation and parole officers will receive additional training in:

  • Pre-sentence and parole investigations report writing
  • Arrest and detention procedures and maneuvers
  • Offender intake interviews and assessments
  • Community resource awareness
  • Family functions, educational resources, and social services programs

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