Probation Officer Career in Sacramento County, California

Sacramento County’s population of almost one and a half million (2012-esr) is largely situated in and around the capitol city. The Sacramento County Probation Department, which covers the north end of California’s Central Valley, makes an effort to utilize evidence-based practice (EBP) in all of its functions. Officers assigned to the EBP unit not only monitor evidence-based interventions, assessments and strategies, but also work closely with community organizations to develop quality EBP in the community.

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Sacramento County Probation Department Activities

In April of 2010 Sacramento became the only probation department in California to use Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR} technology. Cameras capable of scanning license plates and cross-matching them with the list of stolen vehicles are mounted on probation department vehicles. These state-of-the-art cameras are able to analyze 3,000 license plates an hour while the probation officer driving the vehicle goes about his/her normal routine. This cooperative law enforcement effort has resulted in the recovery of hundreds of stolen vehicles.

Although probation officer (POs) jobs in Sacramento County are focused on the supervision and rehabilitation of offenders, POs also work closely with the district attorney to lessen the emotional and financial distress of victims. POs both develop victim impact statements that assist judges with the restitution aspect of an offender’s sentence and work out manageable payment plans with probationers to allow victims to receive monetary compensation.

Recruitment of Deputy Probation Officers in Sacramento County

The Sacramento County Probation Department staff includes full-time recruiters who are responsible for educating and recruiting potential candidates for a probation career. They attend job fairs, give presentations in college classrooms, and coordinate the internship program. A May 12, 2013 article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper reported that recent budget cuts have left Sacramento probation officers with the largest caseloads in California with an average of 124 offenders per officer. The next largest caseload is 82 per PO in Los Angeles County. To ease the situation, Sacramento employs probation aides and has both student internship and volunteer programs. Interested persons should contact Volunteer Coordinator Senior Deputy Probation Officer Ray Lozada at 916/875-0291.

Requirements for Becoming a Deputy Probation Officer in Sacramento County

Applicants for Deputy Probation Officer jobs in Sacramento County must meet these basic requirements:

  • U.S. citizen over the age of 18
  • Valid California driver’s license
  • English language fluency (oral and written)
  • Physically fit (job may require standing, walking, running, stooping, climbing stairs and lifting probationers)
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise reports and maintain records
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college/university (behavioral science major preferred)
  • One year or more experience in social casework OR as a full-time, paid probation assistant in Sacramento County OR in an equivalent position
  • No criminal history
  • Willing to work irregular hours, weekends, nights and holidays
  • Agreeable to and capable of being armed (some cases)
  • Knowledge of probation principles/practices; counseling/interviewing techniques; crisis intervention
  • Ability to analyze behavioral patterns and cope with hostility/aggressiveness

How to Apply for Probation Officer in Sacramento County

There are no current deputy probation officer openings; however, questions about the recruitment and hiring process can be addressed to [email protected]. Steps in the hiring process include:

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  • Applicant orientation
  • Written examination
  • Notification of eligibility
  • Fingerprinting
  • Completion of background statement/background investigation
  • Conditional job offer contingent on passing medical and psychological examinations

New hires must complete P.O.S.T. probation officer training within one year.

Deputy probation officer annual salary: $60,134.40-$73,100.88.

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